By B.K.
Date: 2017 Oct 22
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Sonic Resonance

Lately we notice voices
Creaking and cracking
Politically racking
Lovely artful noises
That whisper or wail
They can make you berserk
While driving their nails
They sing they rap
They tap on your nerves
Or crawl up in your lap
They enslave
Will not behave
And if you are not cautious
They will take your love
Your money your art
Kill your spirit steal your heart
Yet Darlins
There is a way out
Take a course in
Loudly learning how to fart
I know I know it is most impolite
But everyone does it
So there will not be a fight
Tho this is quite abominably mean
It will however preserve your genes
Fix your neurons
Quiet your dendrite
And definitely clear the scene


the twenty second of october twenty seventeen