By B.K.
Date: 2017 Nov 21
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the dickhead mafia

it happens every day
the cat calls
while you walk
the fast approach
the exposures
from their cars
or in the shadows
you walk faster
they laugh
the sickness deepens
arrogant strangers
who want your attention
look at this
want to put their hands on you
shove their body up against you
in a crowded street
a parade where you are waiting
with children
they chase you in stock rooms
in board rooms
in hollywood
in churches
mindless meaningless mange
there are all kinds
those who do it in the name of the lord
those who think they lord over you
those with more strength than mind
the ones that drug you
rape you in your sleep
steal your children
sell them as slaves
they take a chink of your soul
they take a chink of your soul
until you decide the only way
to be rid of them is to be alone
and they find you still
to rob your dignity blind
rob your dignity
until you are numb to it
so you keep building that wall
thicker and higher
pretending it never happened
it could never happen to you
while they persist
big armored
barbarian zombies
protected by their own kind
and women who like to keep
their power in check
use or be used
we now stand to be counted
for our children
our grandchildren
when will this entitlement end
they still do not get it
i doubt they ever will
still dear God
if there is one
in the name
of common decency
stand I
count me too


the twenty first of november twenty seventeen