By B.K.
Date: 2017 Nov 21
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Love breaks my bones and I laugh

Charles Bukowski

I dreamed you, I wished for your existence

Anias Nin

Love her, but leave her wild

Harper Lee

You have me
Until every last star in the galaxy dies
You have me

Jamie Kaufman

You can cut out all the flowers
But you cannot stop Spring from happening

Pablo Neruda

and I am out with lanterns
looking for myself

emily dickinson

By night beloved
Tie your heart to mine
and let them both in dreams
defeat the darkness

Pablo Neruda

Do not say you miss me when it is your fault i am gone


There were girls who would tear you apart with their lips

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Be careful when you fight the monsters
Lest you become one

Frederick Neitzche

the main thing is to be moved
to love
to hope
to tremble
to live

Auguste Rodin