By B.K.
Date: 2018 Jan 07
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The Big Weep

I spoke to a woman yesterday
Who kept asking me to forgive her
She was softly crying
And could not stop
So I did not meddle
Just kept asking her questions
To help her with her claim
I told her that no matter what is was
Not to let it get her down
I told her I was old enough to know
That you just have to keep getting up
No matter how many times or ways you fall
I had her laughing for a second
And then she went right back to her sorrow
I then realized she was not crying
She was weeping
And at that moment
Saw the difference firsthand
I told her I just wanted to hug her to death
I told her about the video
I had seen of the brand new deaf baby
That was hearing his mother
Say I Love You
For the first time in its life
And in recollection
I was then weeping too
We finished the claim
Both weeping softly and saying
Goodbye as politely as possible
And I still could not help but wonder
Was it about bad health a death
Or loss of love maybe a pet
So many variables
Then I remembered
A Hawaiian wedding many years back
Everyone wondered why
I was openly weeping
I could never tell them
And of course
So long ago now
It was...The Big Weep
One could never forget
Me letting go of you


the seventh of january twenty eighteen