By annski808
Date: 2018 Feb 01
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Shadow at the train station

it's 7am
my eyes are wide awake staring at the cracked ceiling
while the alarm is wailing
my arm is numb
but my heart beats like a dumb
Minutes fly by like ashes in the wind
memories stay like it will never end
cold coffee on the table
socks all over the floor
As I stared at them,
that nobody picks them up anymore
I brace myself
for the cold breeze
this home has brought me since you were gone

Sun's keeps on cracking on my window
it's time for my other life to flow
the bell's ringing
the train is here
Another day to fray
another day to stray
The bell's ringing

the bench that you used to sit on
waiting for me to land on
now it's empty and hollow
without you, it's just another matter
that only occupies the space
there's never a day that spares my tears
as I stare at your empty space
my heart aches for every absent glimpse of you

roses in your tomb
tears in your grave
wishing everyday that you're still here
waiting for me at the train station
your smile that lits up the dark and gloomy subway
all just paves all the darkness and dismay
but here I am waiting for you
to carry me along your realm
I am here, I am all yours
I am waiting for you to behold.

Your smile
your tears
your pain
and your grace
all it takes
is for life
to have its gain

I am here waiting at the train station
waiting for you to reach out on my life
fading days
as I recall our happy glorious craze
I wish I could
reach out to your hand
and tell you that I love you and still