By B.K.
Date: 2018 Mar 26
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Cold Hard Steel

Slipping sideways into bed
For that sensual eye scan
My head tilted
Mouth pouty
A come hither look
Ready for that
Skin to skin interaction
Kisses hot and deep
My outstretched hand
Sliding under the pillow
Instead of soft silky cotton
Finds cold hard steel
Plugging my fingers into it
I pulled it out
Pointing it up and out
Right at him
Asking what the hell is this
To the horror of the man
Who stammered
I forgot that was there
He was tense
Careful it is loaded
Lets test it out then
I handed it carefully to him
Face flushed
In a frenzy
I dressed quickly
Making a lasting impression exit
Nothing left to be said
Just another might have been
In a game of
Mindless mental
Dickhead boo boos


the twenty fifth of march twenty eighteen