By B.K.
Date: 2018 May 09
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A Poem A Day

Love at times
Is such a raw sore
Pus running ugly
Killing hope
Poisoning dreams
Yet the brave wait
While healing scabs over
Heartaches subside
To do it all again
Till serendipity sticks
To our belly button
Like a brand new
Diamond studded dimple
In a Bollywood dance routine
Leaving us weak smiling
And breathless
We are getting a little old
For all this shit
It is worth every heartbeat


the ninth of may twenty eighteen

Weigh carefully your hopes
as well as your fears, and
whenever all the elements are
in doubt, decide in your own
favor; believe what you
prefer. And if fear wins a
majority of the votes, incline
in the other direction anyhow.