By B.K.
Date: 2018 May 22
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With Love To An Acorn Tree

What was she thinking
Old biddy
Thought you might
Fall on her house
You the strong majestic huge
Lovely Acorn tree that I loved
Over one hundred yeas maybe two
Anyone looking and thinking
Would know
You would have fallen
In a different direction
You were not dead or rotting
You were as strong as an ox
And then some
Goodbye favorite tree on the block
Goodbye dappled shade
Goodbye oxygen
Scampering squirrels
Place for the groundhog
To scamper under
Home for all my bird friends
All your leaves blew into my yard
I loved you too much for it to matter
I apologize to you
For her lack of common sense
Her ignorance and fear
I weep for you old friend
My Corgis loved to pee on your trunk
Walks will not be the same
Without your presence
I have your picture to remember you by
Goodbye old friend
Thank you for your every kindness
To this fearful wretched bunch
We try to call humanity!


a sorrowful day
may the twenty second
two thousand and eighteen