By B.K.
Date: 2018 Jun 02
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A Weekend Wink

A sneaky snake warned
Us not to eat that apple
Oh you yummy apple
Let me bite you now
Are we all the result
Of not paying attention
To that slithering reptile
Too bad they stopped talking
Where would the world be
Without a love song
Without romance
The moon or flowers
Without passion
Without tender tendrils
We would become
Dead eyed destroyers
Doorknobs of doom
Keyholes of catastrophe
Jaded jinks of jeopardy
Putrid purveyors
Of pissing pinko plastic
A sinking planet of losers
Instead of great lovers
Masters of kissing
Artists of light and color
Minks of magic
Brilliant survivors on
Sky high mounds of
Purest oxygen and laughter
Dreaming of freedom and love
Forever and ever Amen


the second of june twenty eighteen