By B.K.
Date: 2019 Apr 21
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Quasimodo At The Meat and Three

We were setting in our favorite booth
B2 At Wendell Smiths
Having our favorite
Turnipgreens and cornbread combo
I was telling you about a political cartoon
I had just seen
Of a firetruck hook and ladder
High atop a burning Notre Dame Cathedral
I started to cry
And then could barely tell you
You were so sweet
Saying it is ok and wiping my tears
I continued to try to describe
It was of a fireman
Pulling Quasimodo from a Gargoyle
To save him from his burning sanctuary
I was laughing and crying for Paris
And what I had always dreamed of seeing
At the same time
I remembered Lon Chaney playing the part
of the bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral
And me as a little kid
Being terrified of his poor grotesque soul
Then I realized he was the first monster
I was ever in love with
It was a love and fear thing
Empathy for a devil of sorts
But was he
I asked you to get me the movie
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
You laughed and promised you would
And now thinking and writing this
I was with my son
Yet somehow
You are caught up in this too
But not to worry
I still have no sympathy
Nor empathy for you


Ray Bradbury once said of Chaney, "He was someone who acted out our psyches. He somehow got into the shadows inside our bodies; he was able to nail down some of our secret fears and put them on-screen. The history of Lon Chaney is the history of unrequited loves. He brings that part of you out into the open, because you fear that you are not loved, you fear that you never will be loved, you fear there is some part of you that's grotesque, that the world will turn away from.

the twenty first of april twenty nineteen

Happy Easter Everyone