By B.K.
Date: 2019 Apr 25
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Getting Past The Nuptials

Like the Blender of Love
Lately my heat is on my sleeve
I thought I had kicked
Emotion to the curb
Turned off all the knobs
That could turn on the waterworks
You all know moments
Triggering hot blinding sentiment
Well not me
Until just lately
I know there were some major
Planet movements
But this nonsense is making me mad
Everything is tuning my fork
To an emotional tone
I just do not recognize myself
I know my Son is getting married
Yet they have been together
For ten years almost
Tying the knot or not
This is a grand party to be
And here I am
Maudlin me
Boxing with the tissue
I am going to need a make up artist
Following me around
With a rag and bucket
Mopping up the mascara
What is it with the Mother of the Groom
Their song to dance to
Giving her only child away
This should be sheer joy
One woman at the UPS store told me
Honey as soon as those nuptials
Are all over and the party begins
Is when you will stop crying
Finally somebody understands this
I have a long dress full of sequins
Like crunchy peanut butter
When you prefer smooth
I ordered it online
Did not see the word sequins
Putting on glasses would probably help
And it will be on a farm called Imagine
Out in the middle of a meadow
Imagine heels sinking in tulips
Tripping down the isle in style
So I got some cotton candy shoes
So I can tiptoe through the wildflowers
Dragging my crunchy dress
All the critters will hear me coming
And they keep telling me
That the photographs will be for a lifetime
A lifetime of bad mascara
With wild cotton candy hair
OMG after this I am going onstage
Doing stand up wedding comedy
About this kind of crazy
Between the weather
The stars and all the raw emotion
They are trying to kill me
I have ten days to get my act together
I am either taking up hot goat yoga
Or getting some great pot
To make it through this madness
Maybe some mellow mushrooms
Probably just something to drink
Then some wild dancing will do the trick
You all please do me a favor
Pray that this wild southern mama
Can just make it past the nuptials


the twenty second of april twenty nineteen... seven sixteen pm