By CryingShame58
Date: 2019 May 01
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I’m not paying attention I’m standing in line at the bank My deposit slip in hand as I reach for a pen Jotting down the date I think has it been 9 years? Nearly a decade ago? I swallow to feel a big lump in my throat I glance thru the window Only to see myself staring back at me 9 years ago—I thought I was “old lady” My lump seems to slide into my chest I thought I was “done” As I stare thru my reflection to the out doors I’m blasted to my past, I feel a shiver up my spine I thought I was “done” It was the best but worst day and night ever Magical, but costly I thought I was “done” I close my eyes, hoping no one notices Notices the tears rolling down my face I thought I was “done” I wipe away my tears with the back of my hand No tissue anywhere when I need one I thought I was “done” I must not go back there I’ve got to remember I’ve come too far Remember? Remember I am “done” I wonder if he remembers our time together? As I remember the laughter, the tenderness, our love? I thought I was “done” My heart still aches as I take another step forward I line My heart still remembers our love as my heart take another step backwards I’m not “done”