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Awake (by CryingShame58) 2021 Dec 04
No Way (by CryingShame58) 2021 Jan 15
No Way (by CryingShame58) 2021 Jan 15
Let Bygones Be Bygones (by CryingShame58) 2020 Feb 25
         Being at fault in the end
“Done” (by CryingShame58) 2019 May 01
         A memory
Thoughts (by CryingShame58) 2017 Dec 11
         Unresolved issues
Foolish Girl (by CryingShame58) 2015 Sep 10
         Falling for the wrong guy
Crippled Silence (by CryingShame58) 2015 May 15
         Stuck between the end and never ending loss
Quote by Robert Frost (by Robert Frost) 2015 Feb 11
Habitual (by CryingShame58) 2014 Nov 22
Illusionist (by CryingShame58) 2014 Nov 19
         When love isn't true love
My Quote (by CryingShame58) 2014 Nov 04
         I text this to a friend the other day. It hit home for her. I may write further about a false perspective when the partner is false.
Questions (by CryingShame58) 2014 Oct 22
Love, Limbo and Moving On (by CryingShame58) 2014 Oct 19
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2014 Aug 26
         Moping & Hoping
Lumps, Pits & Miseries (by CryingShame58) 2014 Feb 03
         When that day comes you will encounter an old abusive love
Incapable (by CryingShame58) 2013 Aug 15
         Wallowing in sadness
One of Those Kind of Days (by CryingShame58) 2013 Mar 11
Miss You (by CryingShame58) 2013 Jan 19
Love's Blessing (by CryingShame58) 2012 Sep 19
Much More (by CryingShame58) 2012 Sep 19
         In appreciation
Half a Heart (by CryingShame58) 2012 Sep 18
Oh Boy (by CryingShame58) 2012 Aug 14
For My Eyes Only (by CryingShame58) 2012 Jan 21
         Last March
Blue (by CryingShame58) 2011 Oct 15
Laugh, Ignore, Delete (by CryingShame58) 2011 Jul 06
Favorite Thing (by CryingShame58) 2011 May 30
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2010 Nov 13
         Sudden change with no validity
Dissection (by CryingShame58) 2010 Nov 05
A Love (by CryingShame58) 2010 Nov 04
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2010 Nov 04
Help (by CryingShame58) 2010 Nov 04
Quote (by CryingShame58) 2010 Oct 27
         Missing the Love of My Life
US (by CryingShame58) 2010 Oct 14
What A Waste (by CryingShame58) 2010 Sep 17
Sloppy Seconds (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 07
Surprise For My Love (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 07
Within The Big Picture (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 07
Definite rambling (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 06
What Will Become of Our Aftermath (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 06
True Colors (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jul 04
Missing More Than Usual (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jun 29
How Can She Move On? (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jun 13
         A young mother that survived the Ark flash flood... Or will she? May God's grace nurture and be merciful to her.
Another Lonely Day (by CryingShame58) 2010 May 28
When Will I Ever Learn? (by CryingShame58) 2010 May 28
Our Ways (by CryingShame58) 2010 May 28
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2010 May 21
The State of Me (by CryingShame58) 2010 May 21
         Lonely again
Makes Me Wonder (by CryingShame58) 2010 Apr 30
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2010 Apr 27
One Day At A Time (by CryingShame58) 2010 Apr 25
         Taking our love, our lives one day at a time...
My Everyday Valentine (by CryingShame58) 2010 Apr 25
Twisted (by CryingShame58) 2010 Jan 28
         Playing the game
Foolish Me (by CryingShame58) 2009 Dec 29
In progress (by CryingShame58) 2009 Dec 02
One Day at a Time (by CryingShame58) 2009 Sep 06
         wondering, pondering, however agreeing to our pact
We Got It (by CryingShame58) 2009 Aug 26
Answered Prayer (by CryingShame58) 2009 Aug 07
         unfinished poem
Bull Butter (by CryingShame58) 2009 May 28
         this may be a bump...i read about bull butter somewhere--it could of been here
Sweet and Salty Sugars (by CryingShame58) 2009 Apr 23
In Your Eyes (by CryingShame58) 2009 Apr 03
         A bump to RebeccaBeth_88, about [["In The Eyes":2009.]]:
Useless Energy (by CryingShame58) 2009 Mar 26
No Matter How I Paint It (by CryingShame58) 2009 Mar 19
         Disappointed again...trying to shake it off
True Love (by CryingShame58) 2009 Feb 18
Valentine for ME (by Carlton Cards) 2009 Feb 15
         Perfect Valentine Card from husband to his wife
It's Getting To Me (by CryingShame58) 2009 Feb 05
God, I Miss You (by CryingShame58) 2009 Feb 02
Untitled (by CryingShame58) 2009 Jan 31
Missing You is an Understatement (by CryingShame58) 2009 Jan 31
Following My Gut (by CryingShame58) 2009 Jan 29
         the heart can forgive, but can't forget
Why and Where (by CryingShame58) 2009 Jan 25
white noise (by CryingShame58) 2009 Jan 04
Me and My Crush (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
         A few minutes of my life I won't forget. I gave a couple of hints that most will get.
Falling for You (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
Thinking of You (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
Again (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
         ever been on a roller coaster too long?
Why Do You Do What You Do and Say What You Say (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
Why Not? (by CryingShame58) 2008 Oct 22
         forgiveness from indifference; making up
unfinished one (by CryingShame58) 2008 Sep 05
I'm a Lady Bug (by CryingShame58) 2008 Sep 04
What Now? (by CryingShame58) 2008 Sep 04
Constant Contradictions...II (by CryingShame58) 2008 Aug 27
         from another's perspective
Constant Contradictions (by CryingShame58) 2008 Aug 25
Re-evented (by CryingShame58) 2008 Aug 14
alone in the dark (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 16
Unforgettable (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 11
untitled (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 10
It's All Wrong (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 01
Tough Advice (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 01
We Do (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jul 01
something said from film "The Last Kiss" (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 27
         Last night I was watching HBO and flipped over to this movie
There's Still Time (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 26
         work in progress in more ways than one
Positively Most Certain (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 17
Faith in Our Love (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 17
Magnetically Speaking (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 12
Smiling knowing (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 11
Unfinished (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jun 08
         hopeless romanticism (if romanticism is a word?)
A School Girl (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 28
Unsaid (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 28
Quote from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 22
         mustn't give your heart to a wild thing
We've Got To Quit Meeting (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 09
untitled (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 04
Daddy's Philosophy (by CryingShame58) 2008 May 04
What Now? (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 27
Have No Clue (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 27
Yearning (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 26
Beyond Imagination (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 19
         Miracles do happen
unknown fact (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 17
         random thought
Do I Dare? (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 16
         foolish love
Laws (by CryingShame58) 2008 Apr 13
Always (by CryingShame58) 2008 Mar 12
         a deep connection without end
Simply Aware (by CryingShame58) 2008 Mar 11
P L E A S E (by CryingShame58) 2008 Feb 27
keeping it real (by CryingShame58) 2008 Feb 26
Weak Away (by CryingShame58) 2008 Feb 17
Rocking My World (by CryingShame58) 2008 Feb 09
Deep asleep (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jan 28
         here's a brutal thought that most likely i'm not the first to think of...cynical others--the down and trodded....
Tug of War (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jan 26
clueless (by CryingShame58) 2008 Jan 17
I Didn't Dream It.... 2008 Jan 06
         Face to face with the wolf in lamb's clothing...the chaplain
Work With Me Here 2007 Dec 05
So What? 2007 Dec 04
Frigid 2007 Nov 29
I Miss You Sweetheart 2007 Nov 28
Sexual Tension 2007 Nov 15
Aching 2007 Nov 07
The Lonely One 2007 Nov 07
Secret Bruises 2007 Nov 04
Another Fall Out 2007 Nov 02
Re-Wired 2007 Oct 15
quote 2007 Oct 14
Come Home, Miss You 2007 Oct 10
Don't Play With Matches (Revised 2007 Oct 06
Don't Play With Matches 2007 Oct 06
Camo Kisses-NOT 2007 Oct 06
My Clepsammias 2007 Oct 03
In My Dreams 2007 Oct 03
Before the Silence 2007 Oct 01
Blessed To Love You 2007 Aug 19
Livin', Lovin' and Learnin' 2007 Aug 19
         A valuable lesson
Specially Stored for Me 2007 Aug 19
         beginning with a taste of wine--ends with a reminder of what's mine...
One of a Kind 2007 Aug 19
Miserable Moments 2007 Aug 19
Chew on this... (quote) (by Anonymous) 2007 Aug 02
Magnet with an Attitude 2007 Jul 01
We Will Never Have Paris 2007 Jun 25
         I think this is a work in progress unsure if i'll change the end or leave it alone..
Sweet Thing 2007 Jun 16
         random thoughts that works wonders... :)
Same as Always 2007 May 12
quote (by Krishnamurti) 2007 Apr 21
         wondering if anyone has ever submitted this quote at loveblender?
Naggin' Ache 2007 Apr 12
That Smile of Yours... 2007 Apr 12
Tossed to the Curb 2007 Apr 11
         memories of a broken heart with a metaphor ending
Triggers 2007 Apr 08
         Awhile back I came to these conclusions so I wrote them down. Now that I've reflected and what the real deal is in my's easier to choose to be happy...
Wild Angels (by Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison/Harryn Stinson) 2007 Mar 07
         song sung by Martina McBride - A song of growing up, growing together, and some of the difficulties. Yet, they made it through all the tough spots, because they had wild angels watching over them. A quick paced tune, a lot of drums and electric guitars.
Convolutions 2007 Mar 01
         random thoughts
Retreating to my World 2007 Feb 20
         random thoughts
Scrambled 2007 Feb 07
Cupid's Thrill 2007 Jan 23
         tossing ideas about...hoping someone will bump me
Soul Ties 2006 Dec 18
Phenomenal Twists 2006 Dec 15
Can We Get It Right? 2006 Dec 07
Possiblities 2006 Nov 28
Awaiting 2006 Nov 28
Wine Tasting 2006 Nov 21
Untitled 2006 Nov 21
Searching For My Love 2006 Nov 16
Do we? 2006 Nov 08
Love Light Shines 2006 Nov 08
Can't Get Enough of US 2006 Nov 01
Sinking Time 2006 Oct 20
pick me up where we left off 2006 Oct 20
Repetitive 2006 Oct 19
Don't fret ! 2006 Sep 23
         i'm not crazy :) :)
Stuffing Burdens 2006 Sep 23
         vulnerable to the cold hard truth
My Paradoxes 2006 Sep 08
Bring it on Home 2006 Sep 08
to my best friend 2006 Sep 06
Heaven on Earth 2006 Aug 06
         After reading lonesome day's submission, i began to think, hhhhmmmm
Hhhmmmmmmm 2006 Aug 03
         wondering if you remember me and then it dawned on me
First and Second 2006 Jul 27
         i wanna be first!
Love Note 2006 Jul 27
         while we are apart...
Only GOD Knows 2006 Jun 29
         often it's a mixed up deal--inother words...dysfunctional but somehow works for us
Suttle indoindos 2006 Jun 26
         Paying attention to each other :)
You Make Me This Way 2006 Jun 26
         after all these years it becomes a long distance relationship
That's Then, Here is Now 2006 Jun 26
         I'm Okay With This
Sleepless Night Becomes A New Day 2006 Jun 23
         My life continues to be bitter sweet...
A Perfect Pair 2006 Jun 15
         changed a word in this piece and the title
My First Taste of Shiraz 2006 Jun 15
Fun and Frolic 2006 Jun 15
         Summer Fun
A Summer's Passion 2006 Jun 14
         Summer heat won't stop love!
Smiling at you :) 2006 Jun 12
         surprising each other
Wised Up 2006 Jun 07
         writing about a friend of mine that has had enough
Hungry Thoughts 2006 Jun 07
         Yearning for time alone with my love
Sweeter than Molasses 2006 Jun 02
         Another type of wake up call
timing 2006 Jun 01
Falling To Pieces 2006 May 24
Fling to Flee 2006 May 17
Let's Play 2006 May 12
         another silly limerick --where's Jim...he's better at this than me..
lots of shots 2006 May 12
         playing with a limerick
A Love Too Good To Be True 2006 May 12
         silly limerick for aparajita's contest
My Favorite Music Video 2006 May 12
         What lies beneath a memory
Sacred Gifts 2006 May 11
         After questioning myself a jillion times, another truth is revealed.
Surrendering Again 2006 Mar 21
Left Alone 2006 Mar 17
         the words speak for themselves
How should I begin? 2006 Mar 17
untitled 2006 Mar 09
Realizations 2006 Mar 04
Digging Deep 2006 Feb 24
Dancing Around the Truth 2006 Feb 23
Missing You 2006 Feb 16
A Long Goodbye 2006 Feb 16
         Knowing the outcome, but holding on
Enchanted By Your Charms 2006 Feb 15
         as Dr Phil says, loving smart
Without a Trace 2006 Feb 14
Paint me blue 2006 Feb 13
         my head strives to be blunt, but my heart forces me to be me
Silence 2006 Feb 13
         Conspiracy of silence
Wallowing No More! 2006 Feb 08
         when a relationship isn't all it seemed to be and leaving it behind...moving forward...
Come with me 2006 Feb 08
What a Dream! 2006 Feb 08
High Horse 2006 Jan 24
         not really about "love"...more about my so called friend the pilot
To Jimmy Ray 2006 Jan 24
         everyday this week walking thru the alley i remember
Heart Break 2006 Jan 24
Do you want to be with me? 2006 Jan 23
         mixed signals causes doubts
Long Deep Sigh 2006 Jan 23
         frustrated when there's a failure to communicate...
"Our" Song 2006 Jan 18
         mixed emotions when i hear a song between a X and me....
here's my thought for your penny 2006 Jan 17
         a silly question?
What I've learned about love 2006 Jan 17
         The email of what Ive learned has been circulated a jillion times or moreIve received it on many occasions I have learned many of the same things (the hard way)Ive learned a few things about love and would like to share it to the loveblender.Also this is a work in progress as I am a work in progress, too...
It's Not As It Seems 2006 Jan 17
         as I wrote this i realized that it wasn't his heart that kept was the other way around...
A Gift 2006 Jan 12
         another one of my silly shanagans
Will us 2006 Jan 06
         pure lust
undecided 2005 Dec 27
         although i am the one that needs to be tucked in....
Hard Candy Christmas (Maybe) (by unknown) 2005 Dec 21
         song lyrics of Dolly Parton's hit
trail of kisses 2005 Dec 13
         crumbs of seduction
May your wish come true... 2005 Nov 23
         Today is my first love's birthday..Randomly thinking of him and us...
Those Were The Days 2005 Nov 15
         young of my firsts
Hello Again Pot Roast 2005 Nov 08
         A lonely time
Thoughts of You and Me 2005 Nov 06
         random thoughts while doing the laundry
HHHmmmmmmmmm 2005 Nov 04
         just a thought...
Comes Down to Logics 2005 Nov 04
         finding peace
Shortest fairy tale ever told (by UNKNOWN) 2005 Nov 01
         I received this in an email...i hope all that reads appreciates it!
Happy Face 2005 Oct 06
         what bad news brings
A fact worth stating 2005 Oct 05
         My daddy often commented that I was a child in wild anticipation...
Reality bites 2005 Oct 03
         after an escape realizing we aren't the only ones in our life.
Reality bites 2005 Oct 03
         after an escape realizing we aren't the only ones in our life.
Constant Drama 2005 Aug 16
         to all the drama queens and kings, although this won't change anything/you
All Nighter 2005 Aug 11
         silly willy love poem
Stuck on Yourself 2005 Aug 09
         Arrogant and self-righteous person
Longing for Him 2005 Aug 08
Apache Blessing (by Unknown) 2005 Aug 08
         Wise words of advice to those that marry
Cloud Nine 2005 Aug 08
         simple and fun
Passions Unite 2005 Aug 08
Awakening 2005 Aug 07
         when truth is revealed from within
empty 2005 Aug 06
Safety Net 2005 Jul 12
         how love can bring a safety feeling
Constant Contradictions 2005 Jun 23
         my frustrating observation
Standing by 2005 Jun 23
         Self Destruction at it's Best
Maybe? NOT! 2005 Jun 09
         when everything doesn't add up
Soul Mate 2005 May 29
         lonely and longing
Hoping to Moping 2005 May 24
         I observe others and make up stories about's one
Yearning for You 2005 May 18
         loving someone with yearning desires
Touched by an Angel (by Maya Angelou) 2005 May 06
         Love changes us
a quote 2005 May 06
         A quote I created after reading "A Conceit"
A Conceit (by Maya Angelou) 2005 May 06
homesick 2005 Apr 28
         you figure it out
Freezing Flutters 2005 Mar 15
         holding on to "the" moment
Life (by Oprah Winfrey) 2005 Feb 14
         live and learn
One of Those Daze 2004 Dec 01
         a memory
quote (by unknown) 2004 Nov 24
         why we all want to fall in love...
What Matters 2004 Nov 09
         it's so simple that it's probably been thought of, written or said...
Swept Up By It 2004 Nov 08
Only 2004 Oct 26
         a quote i wrote yesterday, but similar to Kirk's--you can read it two different ways--
WORDS (by ??????) 2004 Sep 24
         spirial's only words sparked the lyrics to beegees song...words
unknown (by unknown) 2004 Sep 24
         I found this message that will be put in a bottle...
Wish Wash 2004 Sep 16
Paradise to Me 2004 Sep 15
         one of "the" moments
Wake up and Slam the Door 2004 Aug 06
         eyeseemsocalm2all's TIME made me go hhhmmmm
Underlying Truth 2004 Jul 29
bad day 2004 Jul 29
My Wannas 2004 Jul 29
My True Love 2004 Jul 28
2nd Place 2004 Jul 01
         falling short
Leave Me Alone, People! 2004 Jul 01
         being pulled in all directions
hold me 2004 Jul 01
????? 2004 Jul 01
         wondering after bumping into the same person it a sign? is it destiny?
what a crush 2004 Jun 26
True Spectral 2004 Jun 25
         when love shines
???? 2004 Jun 21
no title 2004 Jun 18
         another silly poem with no title
This Life On the Bayou 2004 Jun 17
         you think rhino's-- i think gators...
Donald Ray 2004 Jun 11
your kiss 2004 Jun 11
another direction 2004 Jun 11
any day 2004 Jun 11
Fly Catcher 2004 May 07
         when infatuation ends
Give me the Lie 2004 May 06
Blowing Out 2004 May 05
M O M (by unknown) 2004 May 04
         Mom's are beautiful...
Evolving Harmony 2004 Apr 21
Apples (by Unknown) 2004 Apr 20
         comparing apples to women
A Limerick For Mark 2004 Apr 15
         An attempt to make up with my old friend, Mark...we've been friends since 9th grade...
Do Me Good 2004 Apr 15
         changes on the inside will be showing on the outside
endless defeat 2004 Apr 15
Balancing Act 2004 Apr 14
Wind Against Your Face (by Ralph Marston) 2004 Apr 08
         seemingly contradictory that may nonetheless be true.
Wind Against Your Face (by Ralph Marston) 2004 Apr 08
         seemingly contradictory that may nonetheless be true.
QUOTE (by HADIA BEJAR) 2004 Apr 02
April Highs 2004 Mar 31
         Bump To Jim's April's Fool
quote (by Robert Frost) 2004 Mar 23
         Love is....
Vapor Locked 2004 Mar 21
         just kissing, making out
??? 2004 Mar 18
         a st patty's day story
Something Simple 2004 Mar 13
Resent No More (by Ralph Marston) 2004 Mar 08
         you know who you are
??? 2004 Feb 20
         Unanswered questions
Valentines (by Unknown) 2004 Feb 12
         something to get you in the mood for love from the Washington Post...
?????? 2004 Feb 04
         observing a friend's loss (death) of his wife
hey you 2004 Feb 02
         simple but to the point
Now 2004 Jan 29
         I'm in a funk
At This Moment (by Billy Vera & the Beaters ) 2004 Jan 26
         Not sure who actually wrote this, but hit song by Billy Vera & the Beaters
what friends are for 2004 Jan 13
untouched 2004 Jan 12
What You Do With It (by Ralph Marston) 2004 Jan 07
         Especially for Injun Joe, but this read is a good reminder for all.
Wise up 2003 Dec 29
Untitled 2003 Dec 27
         Looking At The Broken Hearted
boots and ballerina slippers 2003 Dec 27
Deserving More 2003 Dec 22
He Trumped Me 2003 Dec 22
         May not be fair but nothing is fair in love or war
Different Perspective 2003 Dec 22
Leafy Christmas 2003 Dec 19
         No white Christmas in Louisiana
??? 2003 Dec 19
         no deep thought here...scramble of ramble
Bare chambers 2003 Dec 19
sometimes better off blue 2003 Dec 19
Rip Tide 2003 Dec 17
Forever Gone 2003 Dec 13
         Tread Lightly
Happy Truth 2003 Dec 12
The Getaway 2003 Dec 11
shout with glee 2003 Dec 10
         full of the sillies...
Naughty or Nice 2003 Dec 10
         Silly Christmas Fun
Getting Out 2003 Dec 03
beware 2003 Dec 03
Untitled 2003 Dec 02
the truth 2003 Nov 30
Red Thanksgiving 2003 Nov 28
         dealing with a >%t^#?<* hubby
Crack You 2003 Nov 20
Here's An Idea 2003 Nov 20
         Striving for the sweetness
I'm Gelling 2003 Nov 20
         surviving a broken heart
Still in the Groove 2003 Nov 14
         inspired by rose petals....
For Today 2003 Nov 13
         it took me longer than others, but i am finally here/there.
creeping grief 2003 Nov 11
         found this typed written poem by me about a loss of a coworker.
???? (by Who has sang this?) 2003 Nov 07
         is the name of this song...if you could read my mind?
Sugar Rush 2003 Oct 31
Trickling down 2003 Oct 28
         When the change fades into silence
Infatuation 2003 Oct 24
From Hell to Now 2003 Oct 24
A Rose or a Violet By Another Name 2003 Oct 22
         like Jim...bump to garden poet
Over Due Journey 2003 Oct 22
         a "little" peek inside
??? 2003 Oct 22
         bump to Jim's
revised first love 2003 Oct 17
first love 2003 Oct 16
Bittersweet Palpitations 2003 Oct 16
Before Blocked & Broken 2003 Oct 16
Attempts to Forget 2003 Oct 15
discovery 2003 Oct 15
Forever 2003 Oct 15
Come With Me 2003 Oct 10
         forget the bs and have some's friday!
Electrifying 2003 Oct 03
         someone told me about a tour of a lignite plant...
Path of Pain 2003 Oct 03
what a crush 2003 Sep 30
seventh sense 2003 Sep 29
         how do you describe love
what a rush 2003 Sep 25
         you never know what the day will bring
crowds of confusion 2003 Sep 23
quote (by Antonine-Marie, Roger de Saint-Exupery) 2003 Sep 17
         a realist point of view of love
whispers and wishes 2003 Sep 11
Magicians 2003 Sep 08
Fell Quickly 2003 Sep 08
primary colors 2003 Sep 08
         can't be renewed, but can be different ... a positive difference
second fiddle 2003 Aug 28
Again, Begin Again 2003 Aug 28
dusty 2003 Aug 27
Night terror 2003 Aug 27
a different me 2003 Aug 26
love brings me around 2003 Aug 26
thirsty 2003 Aug 23
A D D 2003 Aug 23
Puffballs 2003 Aug 21
         eyes reflect the heart
Fortune Cookie 8/18/03 2003 Aug 20
         most of the time i just toss them, but this one has made me go hhhmmmm
One Bird's View 2003 Aug 17
         this was inspired by a blender bird...
scruples 2003 Aug 14
Scruples 2003 Aug 12
         unhappy married man
freckles 2003 Aug 12
         by the way....cheeks on the face...not cheeks of his
Discouraging Battle 2003 Aug 07
         never regain my missing link
Nightclub (by billy collins) 2003 Jul 28
         i saw this guy on TV and i have been reading his work...wanted to share with the blender
"You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" (by Tobey Keith) 2003 Jul 25
         Ya either love him or hate him- Tobey Keith
Dump It 2003 Jul 24
         the frustrations of when my help for a loved one is hopeless...
Not budging this time 2003 Jul 22
Worn Down 2003 Jul 22
falling down 2003 Jul 21
unknown (by unknown) 2003 Jul 18
         correction from long to FAR
honeydew exit 2003 Jul 17
where's the wine? 2003 Jul 17
         Letting go of troubles in order to have fun with significant other...
Remembrance 2003 Jul 17
Melancholy Ramble 2003 Jul 17
         death of a friend is never easy
quote 2003 Jul 16
         another paradox
It's free 2003 Jul 15
         my love doesn't cost you anything
farewell, friend 2003 Jul 15
         one of life's questions???
ship wrecked 2003 Jul 14
         when destiny brings old loves to same place in time
know me? think not 2003 Jul 12
         light bulb going off to create another quote
Vouvray 2003 Jul 11
         what I see when I look at a bottle of Vouvray
Awakening Heart 2003 Jul 09
         I have to say it again...there's good and bad in everything...
pain pain go away 2003 Jul 09
         another sleepless night
Scratch My Itch, Baby 2003 Jul 08
         all the signs say NO, but when YES is a done deal..kinda raw
Suddenly ReCharged 2003 Jul 08
         mixture of silly and sultry
steady rush 2003 Jul 08
         what happens when i listen to a new cd
the first cut is the deepest 2003 Jul 08
         grieving the loss of first love
quote (by Christopher Morley) 2003 Jul 07
         wise words for everyday
Tick Tock 2003 Jul 07
         When it's over....keep it that way...
         Time for total closure
Wheels Are Turning 2003 Jul 02
         When someone is being controled and don't even realize it....
Quote about "Marriage is like..." (by unknown) 2003 Jul 02
         living is believing..
another GREAT quote (by ???) 2003 Jul 01
         bump on KH quote...lyrics in soak up the sun by Sheryl Crow
quotes 2003 Jul 01
         observations made by me...probably some will agree, others won't
muse named jim 2003 Jun 27
         missing that jim already!
don't wanna see clearly 2003 Jun 22
King Kong and the Beauty Contestants 2003 Jun 19
         Another way to inspire Jim
Love is..Lovemaking is.. 2003 Jun 17
         we are so silly, but still in love after 25 years...
Passion Rises 2003 Jun 17
         when love and lust collides...
I just didn't get it... 2003 Jun 17
         oh if only i knew then what i know now...
Little One's Best Interest 2003 Jun 17
         Advice I Haven't Given, but Have Often Wanted To Give
reflection 2003 Jun 17
         unworthy of someone that sits high on pedestal
annoying calls 2003 Jun 17
         a caller is harrasing me...GGGRRRRRR
A limerick for Dan the Man 2003 Jun 16
         An observation for the smartest guy I know...
??? 2003 Jun 13
         for some this could be physical, but for others it can be only be attained from loving someone physical, mental and spiritual...
who is it? 2003 Jun 13
         a bit of venting from journaling...
A CryingShame 2003 Jun 10
         I changed the ending
a cryingshame 2003 Jun 10
Surprise from a Big Bubba 2003 Jun 06
         the magic and realism of a love life
little function 2003 Jun 04
Rising From the Ashes 2003 Jun 02
         About a con and someone that will survive the play.
The Chill of the Night 2003 Jun 02
         When love is lost the days are hard, but the nights are always worse.
Set Free 2003 Jun 02
"History" 2003 May 29
         Is history "the" reason to stay
Let me go softly 2003 May 28
         Heartbroken, but pride prevails
Unbroken Cycle 2003 May 28
         Encouraging Change
Cautious Deliberations 2003 May 28
I Smell Smoke 2003 May 23
         Silly Bump-Bump to Champagne and Jim
PMS 2003 May 20
         dealing with outbursts that are nonsense
a quote 2003 May 20
         bump to dylan's My Voice
A Glance of a Reminder 2003 May 18
         How we can see clearly if we have our eyes & spirit open...
Caution-Wary Sparks 2003 May 14
Surprise, It's Me 2003 May 14
         When you know that your presence is the last thing he expects.
a quote about love 2003 May 14
Over My Head 2003 May 14
         A long but worthwhile journey of regret and everlasting love.
Ping Bong 2003 May 13
         when falling in love sneeks up on you...
Take Me There 2003 May 10
         Where we will start and where we will end.
Stood Up 2003 May 10
         frustrations vented
Pick me 2003 May 09
         bump to Rennie's Internet Man
Friends are like 2003 May 09
         Dana inspired this silly quote
Frisky Friday 2003 May 09
         Fridays have their way with silly me
Ecstasy 2003 May 08
         dreaming a little dream...
Whirly Pearl 2003 May 08
         silly bump to jim's pearls
Great Balls of Fire (by Jerry Lee Lewis???) 2003 May 08
         Here's a bump for Ladyinwaiting... by Jerry Lee Lewis from CS58
Gladness of Love 2003 May 08
History Repeats It's Self 2003 May 08
         Good advice with some reasoning
Fear of Falling 2003 May 08
         thoughts when on hold
Angels 2003 May 08
         My best friend, all these angels in one
Allow Me to Lavish You 2003 May 07
         This is an awesome gift that I give to others!
Testing 1, 2, 3, 2003 May 06
         looking for Mr/Ms Right
The Lovely Path We Chose 2003 May 06
         Some of us don't choose a soul mate...
my silly limerick 2003 May 05
I Know He Loves Me 2003 May 04
         Times when you know someone loves you...
Hoochie Mama 2003 May 02
         For the love of my daughter's dog
Jim, the Rare Pearl 2003 May 02
         another mentor teaches me how to write limericks
It's a Date 2003 May 02
         Looking forward to spend time with a loved one
For Dog Lovers Everywhere (by Unknown) 2003 May 01
Undeniable Temptation 2003 May 01
         Here's my lyrics to music by Santana
fantasies & truths revealed 2003 Apr 30
let the rhythm play 2003 Apr 29
         thoughts on my way home from work
Let Me Know 2003 Apr 29
a quote (by Norman Vincent Peale) 2003 Apr 27
A Woman's Prayer (by unknown) 2003 Apr 17
         for women beware!
????? (by ?????) 2003 Apr 17
         something my Daddy always recited..and wonder where it came from...if anyone knows, tell me...
Come Dance With Me 2003 Apr 17
I Need That Ride 2003 Apr 16
         Part 2 - a short story
I Need That Ride 2003 Apr 16
         Part 1 ... a short story
When I'm Gone (by Sung by Three Doors Down ) 2003 Apr 15
         Who wrote this?
Hercules 2003 Apr 15
         How some husbands are
To much to ask? 2003 Apr 15
         Found this while cleaning out a drawer...
Spring is to Me 2003 Apr 15
His Medicine 2003 Apr 14
         another slang word for nookie/whoopie/etc....
Keep Quiet 2003 Apr 14
         good advice
Okay even against the Odds 2003 Apr 14
         Let God so I can keep learning
No sleep for the weary 2003 Apr 13
         another sleepless night
KA BOOM 2003 Apr 13
         the heart and mind govern physical responses.
Playing it SAFE 2003 Apr 11
         this is pretty obvious...
Refuse to Compromise 2003 Apr 08
         communication breakdown
Stripped to the Core. 2003 Apr 07
         by loss...finding what's important
Essence from passion 2003 Apr 03
         addicted to love!
No Way You Can Forget Me? 2003 Mar 26
         feeding my ego
Even Now (by -- Ralph Marston) 2003 Mar 21
         The Daily Motivator for today
unsure 2003 Mar 19
         when you got it ... it stays with you...
rhythm of our ring 2003 Mar 11
         dynamics of a relationship
Happy Anniversary 2003 Mar 05
         The good reasons why I am hopeless...
What's love got to do with it? 2003 Mar 05
         Come to your own conclusion, I am
How 2003 Mar 05
         challenging but worth it
What A Crying Shame (by Kostas, Raul Malo) 2003 Feb 25
         A "real" country song sung by the Mavericks
what should the title be? 2003 Feb 25
         please me name this one...
let's just be 2003 Feb 20
         stressed, ready to chill
Wondering and waiting 2003 Feb 20
         Just wondering what he is thinking
More of the Real Deal 2003 Feb 20
         more of the same ... setting up a boundary
The Real Deal 2003 Feb 20
         here's my boundary...can you respect it?
It's Carnival Time 2003 Feb 19
         Mardi Gras in Louisiana
do not know the title (by Lawrence Durrell) 2003 Feb 19
         unconditional love
Redeem? 2003 Feb 18
         what can i do now?
A love letter? (by Unknown) 2003 Feb 17
         A short joke that was sent to me....
I'm not concerned (by Unknown) 2003 Feb 14
         Love yourself...This is brilliant. Does anyone know who the author could be?
just a thought 2003 Feb 12
         just a thought
quote (by unknown) 2003 Feb 03
         breaths and moments
time is a healer (by eva cassidy) 2003 Jan 30
         not sure if this was written by eva cassidy, but i know she recorded it. also, the song is better than just the lyrics.
My Secret 2003 Jan 24
         when love is there
cycles 2003 Jan 20
         I am sure I am not the first to think or write least I hope I am not alone
cycles 2003 Jan 20
         I am sure I am not the first to think or write least I hope I am not alone
who, if not me? 2002 Dec 28
For You 2002 Dec 23
         This is to an old friend that is lonely
Mixed Signals 2002 Dec 04
         missing an opportunity that may have changed a friendship
I Long 2002 Dec 04
         explanation of how someone feels about another
Out of the Blue Calls 2002 Nov 06
         Haven't got a clue
ragdoll 2002 Nov 06
         silly early morning thoughts
Dear 2002 Nov 02
         a deer/dear time
YOU 2002 Nov 01
no ordinary day 2002 Nov 01
         a date in time causes melancholy effect
hope 2002 Nov 01
         my observation
On the Rocks 2002 Oct 13
When and Where 2002 Oct 10
         it's bound to's a small town in a big city
Games, Threats & The Door 2002 Oct 09
         fearful, but strength
Another Friday Night 2002 Oct 07
         More than just another Friday night
Dreams Coming True 2002 Oct 06
         What a great surprise
Grace of God 2002 Oct 06
         thankful for blessings
Save My Mummy 2002 Sep 18
         Here's my attempt for the Halloween Contest...It's really lame...
Shoestrings 2002 Sep 16
         something that sparked a memory
Ashamed 2002 Sep 12
         attempting to make sense of it
Reach 2002 Sep 11
         Another reason to let go
quote (by UNKNOWN) 2002 Sep 10
         a quote by someone unknown to me...if anyone knows the author...please let me know.
Cast Out 2002 Sep 06
         in order to let go
paradox - quote 2002 Sep 04
Tucked Inside 2002 Sep 04
         A memory
Unfinished 2002 Aug 29
Quote (by Elvis Presley) 2002 Aug 27
         a lonesome time
Settled 2002 Aug 27
Talking Picture Frame 2002 Aug 21
quote (by W.R. Newell) 2002 Aug 20
Little Miss Goody Two Shoes 2002 Aug 20
quote 2002 Aug 20
         just a quote i thought of at 3 am
The Kind Man or The Kind of Man 2002 Aug 12
Friday Night Fun 2002 Aug 08
         For the young or the young at heart
Dead but Alive 2002 Aug 08
that kiss 2002 Aug 02
You and Me 2002 Aug 02
Right Kind of Wrong Love 2002 Aug 02
quote (by Sir Isaac Newton) 2002 Aug 02
         this describes me with exception that i am a girl...
Love is... 2002 Aug 02
         something silly, but so true
With him, with you 2002 Jul 31
I Am Home 2002 Jul 31
shattered 2002 Jul 31
Old English Sayings 2002 Jul 29
Amazing 2002 Jul 29
queen of hearts 2002 Jul 22
         Someone that doesn't know how good a relationship could be.
Haunted (by CryingShame58) 2002 Jul 16
         He keeps appearing in my mind out of my control
Too good to be true 2002 Jul 15
         love is blind
sinking 2002 Jul 15
         struggling with loss

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