By B.K.
Date: 2019 Sep 04
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Butterfly Afternoon

One sunny afternoon
After leaving a mat out to dry
The sun had topped the house
Serious had melted blue sky
I walked out on the porch
When there on display
To find a lovely butterfly
Had come to play
It lit on the soft mat
And then without delay
I found myself chin to chin
Nose to butterfly feet
Thinking it would fly away
I do not know who had the better view
But it told me matter of fact
Honey I am not afraid of you
I have wings to fly
You have only feet with shoes
You are stuck to the ground
With only a limited scene
Do not worry darlin it told me
Of all people I know you are not mean
Come away with me
Into a butterfly dream
We can go play in the gardens
Make the butterfly scene
I said wish I could
Then politely declined
Besides being nose to foot
Whispering with a butterfly
Honestly people will think
I had flipped my twig
Lost my big shade hat
Burnt my candied yams
But no darlings not any of that
Just came out to fetch
My silly blue bath mat
I made kiss kiss noise
Thinking it would frighten it away
But instead it kissed me back
Tipped its wing
Then flew away

The fourth of september twenty nineteen


The quote I heard on you tube about when things were dire and
life was seriously in disarray that was then women created beautiful things.
This struck a chord so deep. It is way pat three am and I am too lazy sleepy tired to
look it up..maybe tomorrow darlinks. Take care of yourselves!