By B.K.
Date: 2020 Feb 17
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Swimming With Sharks After Midnight

Sadly it was all those jabs to the heart
That did you in
I had to freeze you out
Burn that house of love to the ground
Mind over instant why should you matter
So to speak
It was marble boggling madness how to do that
The poems were writing themselves
It was a thrill shot of double barreled Big Bang
Salami Salami Baloney
White bread with yellow mustard yum
Hard to let go of
But yet you knew if you did not
It would give you a heart crack of the worst kind
And oh it did really it did
And you died a watery death
Jumping from that cliff
Into a tide pool of shallow sharks
That had your name tattooed on their fins
Teachers always said I had a wild imagination
Momma was scared I would tell them all about her
So she just said I lied
I am still lying
But not about you
Just dumb shit like sharks with tattoos

monday the seventeenth of february twenty twenty~