By B.K.
Date: 2020 Feb 20
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A Ghostly Tea With Satie

When the fairies wake me up
On nights they want to play
I brew chamomile tea
Put on Satie
To swing and sway
I try not to worry
Or get lost in shadows
The ghosts here know me
They sit on edges of the bed
Knitting their bones
Never saying much
I know they want to talk about you
But it is useless clatter
I have been traumatized enough
Try spelling that at three am
So they knit and I purl worlds
I mean think of all the adventure
I would have missed
Had I not taken the wilderness road
White rapids with big rocks
To bash ones head at any moment
Oh Darlin is this what I am doing
Still wondering what would have happened
Had I stood still
Living in shadows after midnight
Michael Dulin tinkling the keys
Dancing with your ghost
The knife still hanging out of our heart
Still trying to kill off old lovers in poetry
Backward reality trying to haunt me
Such a cruel woman
I must go back to sleep
Before this booger bear truly gets me


The second month twentieth day of twenty twenty