By B.K.
Date: 2020 Mar 16
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Watch Out For The Tripwire

These new old times
Are driving me to drink
Upon finding a bottle
Stashed behind the bottles
Of old worries bought
The last time we wanted
To learn how to sip whiskey
While learning to play poker
Pet the Corgis and
Drink gin with the Queen
Or make mousse
With Baileys Irish cream
Vodka to drink Black Russians
Or make jello shots
Tequila for margaritas
I bought an extra bottle
For drowning my sorrows
Or medicine for this nasty virus
Lots of lime and honey
What plans previewed
Soothing a throat
Or drown in my sorrow
Make merry blotto
With this definite disaster
Only it all just sits there
I know I cannot drink
Do not know how to drink
Barely drink at all
So now I am here
Almost three am
Fighting you off again
And chugging Baileys
Straight from the bottle
Not the elegant way I saw it
Instead raw and ravaged
As these dark times
Poes pit
But my pendulum
Walking the tightrope
Without a glass
Or the whipped cream
Baileys is delightful
But you and this world
Are the meanest
Ugliest horror
In all the old and new
But after watching 1917
Dear God
Please hold on wimpy world
We are frightfully figuring whilst
Chugging from the Baileys bottle
There is still an awful plot
Of disquietning disaster
Yet to make do


The sixteenth of march twenty twenty

three oh nine am