By B.K.
Date: 2020 Jun 08
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I Still Love Green Apples

I have wondered
Off and on now
What you might be like
Now that we both are older
Supposedly wiser
What life lived looks like on you
How love turned the corners
On memories and technicolor movies
Lifted you up or brought you fast forward

If you have children that have your eyes
A lovely wife with a smile of happiness
Now maybe grandchildren or great

Time and memories filter and fade
But somehow your memory keeps
Dropping into dreams lately
I am smiling and have my arm around you
Must be this Covid thing
Weighing the balance
Too much time to think
And wander the waxed world halls
The slippery slopes
Maybes what ifs and how about that one
Yet still I wander back in wonder
To climb the backyard green apple tree
And eat my fill again

The eighth of june twenty twenty