By Ann Skrilec
Submitted by annski808
Date: 2020 Jul 18
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Imaginary pleasure

Your piercing look in the dark
As I feel your burning touch
Your hands slide up my thigh
Pulling that small covering
That hides my pride
I am dripping
On tribbing
As you lay your tongue
At the tip of my heaven
Pressed it gently
Softly as I arched my body
It feels like a neverending
Pain that will never heal
We switched places
As we cross our blades
Moving rhythms as we both lay
I climbed up
As I spread my wings
On top of your nest
Feel the hay tickles
In my numbing breast
I want to feel you inside me
The muscle control
That mourns my glow
Moving faster
On top of you
I don't want to stop
I just want to stay atop
The time freeze
I can feel the gasp of breeze
Of relief
As you meet my grease
On my mouth
That melts like crease
As we feel each other