By B.K.
Date: 2020 Jul 25
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Better than Fiction

Whatever it was we found
We discovered separately
It was beyond the pale poetic
By the time we figured it out
The harm was done
The tears cried
We blew it Darlin
Yet still we are both here
After all these years
Beating at those words
Magic mind music
Written in madness
Flowing so freely
After all this time
Buried in the perfect
Here and now
Blender krypt keeper
Tighter trickier than
Any Egyptian tomb
In a scar so deep
Deeper than all the clouds
That cover the world skies
I rub potions over it
Sing out
Chanting witches spells
Watching the moon
As it waxes and wanes
That if ever
It is let out again
That monster
Will be the death of
Mighty mighty LOVE
And me

The twenty fifth of july twenty twenty