By B.K.
Date: 2020 Aug 16
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Stuck in a Covid Hole

When you let it
This life takes control
It becomes stuck
On a merry go round
Of treasonous ex patriots
Trading truth for lies
Wrecking political havoc
Toxicology reports
Of perplexity
A postal service
Unconstitutionally sealed
With voters revealing
Those millions of zipped
Secrets to conceal
You and You and You all Vote Blue
This one is important
And Darlins
About those big hug starved dreams
Organic sweet as honey
But the bees are in quarantine
The Queen complacent
Picking at her Tierra candy comb
Ready to make off to Italy or Greece
Eat some olives drink lots of wine
Suck up some Mediterranian sun
Check out that ancient culture
While she burns her skin to gold
Dies with art soaked eyes
Even in loathsome times of
These covid wretched dreams
She is going to escape some way
To let her psychic soul dance bold

sunday the sixteenth of August twenty twenty