By B.K.
Date: 2021 Feb 05
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Just Come On Home

I used to run away from home
Most of the time
I would only get as far as Pennsylvania
Once I got all the way
To the Tennessee line
Into the Smoky Mountains
You called and found me
You always called and found me
Then drove down and took me to
The Wonderland Hotel
You knew how much I loved that place
Big wrap around porch with a stream
At the bottom of the mountain
Where they caught rainbow trout
That we would have for supper
A local jug band to play for dancing
All that is gone now
So now I have to think twice
When I want to run
I am just not that fast anymore
The Smoky Mountains are overcrowded
And the worst part dear heart
Is the one that cannot come back you

Happy Valentine's Day
To whatever cloud
You are sitting on


The fifth of february twenty twenty one