By Ann Skrilec
Submitted by annski808
Date: 2021 Feb 27
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Time will tell

Time will tell

Sun rises up slowly, with its bleak light peeking
thru the small window beside my bedside table
Turned around and there I saw your beautiful face
sleeping peacefully with a silly smile displaying
while you're dreaming
I wonder what it would be, to be right next to you
till the next eternity

My time is ticking
I am counting, each and every drop of time that
I have been losing for each time I procrastinate
I am afraid that as much as I want to count your
gray hair till you get old and tease you how awful
your wrinkles are but still love you like I just met
you yesterday, might not come true as my path
is slowly parting from yours

I loved you unconditionally while you put her
in a pedestal over a memory that you just created
in your mind.
I have pure love for you in my heart
while you have pure love for her that can't be
deterred by anyone who oversees the negativities
in her
she's a saint in your eyes while I am the devil in disguise
that ruins your beautiful plan together that only exists in your

I loved you in flesh, while you adore her and worshipped her
in a distance though the imagery of an immaculate saint
which is too far from reality that you don't want to address and
You're torned, I am thorned
You've carved her perfection in your mind but not in your heart
while I etched and embossed your future in mine hoping that
you would even wake up and open your eyes which is real and reel

The timer is running
the clock is ticking
sun rises up and shining
but I am facing a different horizon than yours
I am yours, for all thy eternity
till I am down below
in all ashes
till I am all skull and bones