By headspace-hotel
Submitted by Kirk, Blender-Keeper
Date: 2022 Jan 05
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narrative foil

i just love the concept of a narrative foil and by narrative foil I mean a soul mate and by soul mate I mean a mirror image, a photographic negative of your insides, whole in ways you are broken, broken in ways you are whole and by that I mean your fate and by that I mean the immovable object to your unstoppable force and by that I mean a star with which you are locked in fatal orbit, doomed to meet in cataclysmic fire with open arms. the person that makes you say I could love you everywhere in all the dark places that needed love, and I could love you so perfectly we would both be annihilated. the person that is your downfall because they’re your perfect shadow and you are the hero of this story but, hero, this was always going to happen, not because it’s written in the stars, but because you would choose it, again and again and again