Heart-on-Sleeve Journal - March 1997

Love Found
By Brad Thomas (bthomas@ilanet.slnsw.gov.au). An emotional outpouring
(Can love ever be like this dreamlike?)
Impressions Whilst you Sleep
By Tresna-Lee trez@virtual.net.au.
(Sometimes you can see in the dark)
Early One Morning
By Laurie Ann Arden -- lauriannea@aol.com. Written after our first morning " together"
(To be taked with a grain of salt about the size of Pittsburgh- not for the puritanical)
By David Perkins, Red_Headed_Indian@msn.com.
(A nice little work on loving by proxy)
By Athena Goldthwait goldy@cybertours.com. About a woman who's love left her alone...
Between Friendship and Romance
Secret Keepers
By Erynne Jjavajive@Aol. A poem for a boy who'll never see it.
the dawn
By Kristy <kristy@alphalink.com.au>. a poem dedicated to my one true love :)
Still Life
By Shel Cross sha4@uwc.edu. a night I awoke and could still smell his sent- though he had been gone far to long already
Something Else
The Prophet
By Kahlil Gibran. Submitted by Kim Rice. Treatise on giving and accepting love
(Grasshopper when you can take the stone from my hand...)

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