"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." -- /local/bin/fortune
Blender of Love Digest December 1997

Holiday Hopes

Thanks for stopping by the December Blender!

It's the holiday season again. Great for people in love, a little rough on those on their own. But no matter what things are like, it's worth working to have a good time 'round 'bout the season. If nothing else, enjoy the eggnog. (Guilty Seasonal Pleasure: McDonald's eggnog shakes. Don't know why, don't know how, but these things always make me feel like whistling holiday jingles.)

Another great selection of poems and prose in the Digest this month. Soon I should be setting up that survey as discussed on the Blender Board, 1/3 to find out who the Blender audience is, 2/3 to find out what you guys want more or less of every month.

So dig in, enjoy, and save a snowball for me. (Unless you live in a place that doesn't get snow. In that case, save a blade of grass-- I forget what they look like.)

New Works
On Meeting - By katgrs (for her love)
This poem really stands out, it captures the rhythm of two different eras with superb grace.
What the Heart Says / untitled - By j greer.
The first work reminds of my favorite Satchmo line, "I see friends shaking hands / saying how do you do / they're really saying / I love you...". The second consists of two lines that Greer thought needed more, but other Blender readers disagree.
To Sleep - By Kirk, Blender Keeper.
Another of my love bite series, this one a little more mellow than some.
fascination / Kisses - By mels <mels2@tiac.net>
What holds our attention most, and then the messages we send to each other.
seldom the same - By keoni aledo <k.aledo@m.cc.utah.edu>
A piece that Keoni has already set to music. Many of the lines are real knock-outs.
Mi Cante Jondo / A Song from my Heart - By Carlos
Some original poetry for Carlos' bride, and the author's translation of the same piece into English.
Dive on In / morceau / trans-Atlantic rambling
Three by Misti Velvet Rainwater. MVR seems to be setting up her own poetic realm of a lot of pain; 'Dive On In' was described by the author as being a study in masochism. There are several more of her works in Heart on Sleeve corner.
Symbols of Love - By Sabrina
Should be a lyric. One of the best 'catalog'-poem I've seen here.
blue - By cath, Submitted by austigem@zip.com.au
An excellent example of 'Love on the Net' with a good use of rhyme and rhythm.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Kirk, Alchemist
Featured Artist Review
A quick view of the poetry of Dorothy Parker
Blender Board
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.

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