Heart-on-Sleeve Corner

Really, Really happy
can you feel this?
By d (wc042@freenet.victoria.bc.ca). for c... :)
By d (wc042@freenet.victoria.bc.ca). for c... remember this?
By j. for z - it's like we were never apart
By z. Full contact sports..... look out j.... ;)
A Metaphor
By mels <mels2@tiac.net>. So, if you were a piece of fruit, what would you be? This is what I would be.... And short too!
It's Never Simple
What If
By j greer. Two "hard" words to deal with!
By J. Brice. Will it or will it not be?? Written for the love of my life.
By Annonymous. Submitted by Jenna Holland (frog@csionline.net). A poem about a long wait for the person that she knows is " the one."
By Kristy Austin ksaustin@hotmail.com. A guy I knew would play with my mind, I got over it.....
Far Far Away
By Sabrina-- Bree@bbs.phantasy.com. for my love who cannot be with me
I am here and you are there
By Sabrina Marie-- Bree@bbs.phantasy.com. this ones for my Bryan, who I long to be with...
Love Found
What I am Feeling
By Mary Ann T.. Submitted by mary@followme.com. A Romantic
Really Love?
By Adrian Appleberry. This is love... Really?
Your so....
By Kristy ksaustin@hotmail.com. I hve fallen REALLY hard this tim, the only way to love is with your whole heart!!
By Shelie . for Ben Robson=]
By Clint. Submitted by DeAnn. Written by Clint to convince Dee that he loves her.
Love Just Happens
By Vickie Waughtel - SLMV64A@prodigy.com. Love poem for my Sweetheart.
I Love You
By Vickie SLMV64A@prodigy.com. Love poem for Michael.
Simply You
By Maple<psyche83@hotmail.com>. actually i dunno what this one is.
Anne of the Thousand Days quotes
By Maxwell Anderson. Submitted by Jennifer Rutherford. some lines I found from the play Anne of the Thousand Days that I thought was fitting for this site.
A Thought for Robert
By same. Submitted by Moneth de Leon. from one heart to another
A Voice
By Kaye Cunningham. love found in the tone of a whisper
First Date
By Lightly in hand....Will. Submitted by Rose4Iron. Poems from a man who loves me unconditionally and has vowed to wait for my love.
What love is...
By Rose4Iron. What is love to you?
Going Through Life With My Eyes Closed
By Suzanne Brawley / Suzywoo2@aol.com. Love being awakened after a long slumber
a little missing
By alison . he's in europe. i'm not.
'I Will Survive!'
the U-turn
By CAT. Submitted by IGOTYOU@msn.com. These are for those broken hearts who endlessly wish that the pain would end. This is for those who wonder when does the Getting-Over-It begin. I woke up and suddenly realized I was over him.
Significant Alliteration
By Kate. 17, Kansas
To All the Girls Jay Has Loved B4
By Misti Velvet Rainwater <mvrain@schreiner.edu>. a kind of warning
Love Conquers All
By Sabrina.
Just Plain Admiring
How Do I Love Thee.....
By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Submitted by z and j. One of our favorites of all time....
By z. Whenever I look at him, I fall in love all over again.
A Protective Shield
By Lightly in hand....Will. Submitted by Rose4Iron. The beauty he sees in a simple lady.
By Maple[psyche83@hotmail.com].
You Walked Away
By jaime.
By Amanda (mattie@pacbell.net). When my love was oppression.
Fallin' in family Love
By Char-Char. Submitted by Charlene J. Vincent cvincent@uiuc.edu. Family love
By Jennifer Rutherford. short monologue about realizations, from a very naive perspective
Something Else
By cath kelly. Submitted by austigem@zip.com.au.
Lifes Kiss
By Annette(pockets@nb.net).
Next to me
By mark u (purexcape@hotmail.com). Missing the one that you're in love with
By Janaya Arriola. From the heart...
By Niki. Submitted by Niki swimrgrrl@hotmail.com. a past love returns....
Different Flavors
By Misti Velvet Rainwater mvrain@schreiner.edu. a brief history of past lovers
A simple philosophy on Love.
By By me. Submitted by George Shull Leopard99@hotmail.com. A story on my philosophy of love.
Language of Love
By z and j. she says, he says
By me. Submitted by George Shull Leopard99@hotmail.com. A little poem felt on a windy day
Life is funny.
By me. Submitted by George Shull Leopard99@Hotmail.com. A little story on a little irony in life.
A foolish friend
By me. Submitted by George Shull Leopard99@Hotmail.com. A story of a foolish friend who had his heart in his eyes.
unknown place
By Sarah Fulghum. not quite sure
Wasting Wishes
By Jess MissPiggy_@hotmail.com. Sometimes loving someone is too much to take in one lifetime
Delicious, Deliberate Ouch
By Misti Velvet Rainwater <mvrain@schreiner.edu>. the raw pain of unrequited love
Future's Truth
By Kaye Cunningham.
A Wish to be
By Kaye Cunningham.
By Kaye Cunningham. thoughts of the net
Nature's Parade
By Kaye Cunningham.
Two Angels
By Jim Martin (chef-jim@ix.netcom.com). How a friendship can change your life.
I Love You!
By ellen@whowhere.com.
Still Life
By Carlos. This is Love.
Live for Today
How many lovers shall I take today?
By mels mels2@tiac.net. little ditty written when I was in a good mood and feeling maybe just a mite sexual about the whole romance thing....taking it as it comes
Take a Chance?
By Rose4Iron. Sometimes we should step out on faith and see what may become.
Love Taking Away Freedom
By April <sadsadkitty@hotmail.com>. My life at the beginning of this year...
Be Care For What You Wish For...pt1
By Char-Char. Submitted by Charlene J. Vincent cvincent@uiuc.edu. ...Let all that you desire come naturally...
Be Careful For What You Wish For...pt.2
By Char-Char. Submitted by Charlene J. Vincent cvincent@uiuc.edu. Let you desires come true naturally...
Other Factors Interfere
By David S.. created on Oct. 14th. Waiting for someone to decide
Searching for Perfection
By Annonymous. Submitted by Jenna Holland (frog@csionline.net). A poem of someone missing out on what he can have because he is searching for miss perfect.
Love Lost
Mushroom Blue
By Saddy. Submitted by Annie. it's going to be a year since Domi died, a day before my birthday... i'm gonna be 17 soon ( god i feel old ), i don't know what else to say, oh to explain the term 'razor-dust' - it's heroin.
A Message from Heaven
By as above. Submitted by Carol Matthews alan.m@insight-media.co.uk. A poem for those who have lost a loved one
Frost Tinted Windows
By Amanda Sater (acidrain@ncci.net). A love that slipped away, in one breath to the next.
By Jen. Submitted by Jegibbon@vt.edu.
The Scarlatti Tilt
By Richard Brautigan. Submitted by Carlos. (a little levity never hurt)
You Promised Me
By Jessie. Submitted by Jessie . A young girl
The force
By Jessie. Submitted by Jessie (hill@ccrtc.com). Don't think that a person will be there forever because they can leave at the blink of an eye.
Para una Amiga Que Ha Sufrido Mucho/For a Friend Who Has Suffered Much
By Carlos. With the original Spanish and English Translation
Isn't Love A Funny Thing
By anonymous. Saying "Goodbye" to True Love
Short Story
By g!. Submitted by g!, gvs30@bigfoot.com. a short story about how i fall in love and how i lost it!
Listen Up!
By Tummy. Submitted by Ceridwen. A lesson learned early on
some random thoughts
By Ceridwen. Submitted by Tummy . Thoughts from a teens point of view-*hey we're not all crazy! Besides I'm good at this stuff. Trust me!*
Admiring From Afar
Between the Lines
By Tinkerbell. For Donal
Third-to-Last Row
By Tinkerbell. Once again, for Donal
My Love Magnent
By Sheila Freeman sunny18@rocketmail.com.
Love's Philosophy
By Percy Bysshe Shelley. Submitted by Neil T. Weakley. What is life, without her kiss?
Does she know?
By hrdbyte@technologist.com. This one is for you baby.
By Misti Velvet Rainwater <mvrain@schreiner.edu>. love poem
By Pebbles. Submitted by Jodie. A short peom by my Grandmother
By Noah King. It's about a girl from school who stole my heart
What's in a name..
By Lightly in hand...Will. Submitted by Rose4Iron@aol.com. unconditional love
By weldon goree. the combined effects of love, fencing drills, and too much T. E. Lawrence
Love On The Net
By Darren darrenm@stirlingss.com.au. The chat page and SeZ
Lonely But Happy.
By Maple<psyche83@hotmail.com>. sort of an encounter with my special someone one night.
Between Friendship and Romance
My Love Angel
By Mayberry (mreyes@junix.ju.edu. love
By Adrian Appleberry. Being honest with our feelings
trans-Atlantic rambling
By Misti Velvet Rainwater <mvrain@schreiner.edu>. romantic prose
Just Friends
By Lissa TK (foolslikeme@yahoo.com). A dream made me realize how strong my love was for my buddy, Lance.
A Different Kind of Love
By Maple<psyche83@hotmail.com>. not your ordinary love.
Friendship is a gift
By Ellen : ellen.faustino@whowhere.com.
By ellen.faustino@whowhere.com.
"A Friend Like No Other"
By Staccy Wyatt rwayne@intratel.net. We are friends and more.

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