"Love is holding your breath and diving for pearls, only to get your leg clamped on by a giant clam that won't let go.
At night, the sludge eels come."--Matt Groening, Life In Hell
Blender of Love Digest November 1997

Missing Sunlight

I know I tend to talk about the weather and the seasons too much in this space, but dang it all, do they really need to take Daylight Savings Time away from us? (For those who may not know, Daylight Savings Times provides most USAns with an extra hour of sunlight in the evening, siphoning off the mornings which are horrendous anyway) I miss DST, I really do.

But I'm happy to see the open community that seems to be springing up around this virtual space. I really value the continued presence of many contributors, and the dialogue that comes out on the Feedback page (just this month renamed to the "Blender Board".) Contributions of poems and prose works are the lifeblood of this site.

Please keep sending in your comments and suggestions, especially ideas for improving the site. (Or chiming in to the "Blender Board" with support for someone else's suggestion-- that way I know what to focus on.) Chatrooms? A more BBS-like "Blender Board"? That page of Links I keep thinking about doing? I'd like to know what can help keep the interest of the regulars and attract new readers. (The other feature I'm thinking of is turning the Blender into Eastern Massachusetts' biggest personals ad for Kirk. But that's a different story...)

This month features one of the best 'Heart on Sleeve Corners' we've ever had, along with a page that seemed to fall naturally into twos, both for the Review and the selected poems.

-- Kirk , Blender Keeper

New Works

Two About Sleeping:
beloved - by j, submitted by z.
The Blender's Most Popular Couple...
3 AM - jaime
Sometimes it's nice when "Sleep With Me" means that, and precisely that.

Two About Food:
love in a diner - d
A good prose piece from a new Blenderer.
Sweet Shoppe - Mark Yoshimi
[myoshimi@thegrid.net] Go see your dentist after reading this one.

Two About Love's Absence:
Part of the Charm - Kirk
[kisrael@alienbill.com] Pieces of a Letter written after the fact
Heaven Sent - Maple
[psyche83@hotmail.com] Written without the fact.
Two in Fifteen Words Or Less:
Untitled - Javan
Mirth from Sadness.
Wedding - Carlos
"How it feels to me"

Two Women Speak Out:
You Lost - allison
Submitted by crow2672@aol.com - an imagery-rich "poem about idiots"
from Marcela's Reply - Cervantes NEW!
From Don Quijote. I thought this excerpt made an interesting dialogue with allison's work -- now with two translations
And Two For The Road:
We'll Get By - Lauren Stevenson.
A longer lyrical piece, keepsakes end up keeping us.
Blender (Only) - Michael McCormack
[whatsisname@unforgettable.com] Ok, so I'm a sucker for one of the first love poems about the Blender.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Kirk on sensual clothing.
Featured Works Review
Two Films: Henry & June and Back Beat.
Blender Board
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.

About the Blender / History
What it's all about.
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