"Love is 90% responsibility. Whatever that other 10 percent is,
it must be quite something." --NYC Taxi Driver
Blender of Love Digest May 1998

Merry Merry Month of May

April showers, May flowers, more poetry and prose.

The first 301 responses to the Love Blender Survey are here, although I haven't done much editing or number crunching yet. If you haven't taken the survey, I urge you to do so before reading the results.

Another excellent month for submissions to the Blender-- good to see that the move to loveblender.com didn't shake things up to much. This month's review is of the film "Two Girls and a Guy" and the ramble is slightly unusual (and arguably a little self-indulgent.)


--Kirk, keeper@loveblender.com

New Works

Tiny Pieces:
Indecision - Rennie Lorca
Part of the language of the body
(Window) - ismene
A piece in a disjoint style that reflects its subject
Asking Too Much - Nikki
When love becomes a Road Runner cartoon
shivering stoic - Misti Velvet Rainwater
MVR with a very chilly piece
Longer Works:
One True King - Misti Velvet Rainwater
MVR on monogamy-- another work that catches me by its ending
Time To Be Alone - Tony K (tny@ix.netcom.com)
Work that finds its rhythm in its refrain
Our kiss - Daniel Weldon (D_Weldon@msn.com)
"looking back on missed possibilities"
The Wall - Donovan Christoffer (bigsword@iastate.edu)
A well-implemented exploration of an old metaphor
Home - d (goddess@gibbed.com)
A very passionate piece, "for c"
The Confused Girl - mark u (purexcape@hotmail.com)
a good characterization "about a lesbian girl hiding herself from the world"
Hello - M. Meier, Submitted by BC
Slice of slice from a long-distance relationship
creating a meeting - Rick Stack
Misti Velvet Rainwater submitted several excerpts this month, this one is my favorite, from "Out-of-Body Adventures"
Aquarius & Pisces - Michael Lutin
Another excerpt submitted by MVR, from CHILDHOOD RISING, "a book on synastry"
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Symbols in the sand
Featured Artist Review
The film "Two Girls and a Guy"
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The first 301 responses to the first Blender Survey!
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Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month

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