Thanks to the fine people at, we can now offer a wide range of Love Blender Themed Merchandise!

The main storefront is

The storefront features combinations of 4 basic graphics: There's a wide variety of shirts, mugs, hats, mousepads. Other combinations of image and items can be made, including using poetry selections from the blender itself... mail me to arrange these custom orders.

Admittedly, the gear is a little pricey (a basic T is $14 + $4 S/H), but that's all going to CafePress (without whom this would probably never have been accomplished)-- I've declined to add a few bucks to the price.

Follow up note: I bought a shirt for, and wasn't delighted with the product: the main image is a little plastic-y. I've heard the mousepads and mugs are great, however.

(Incidentally, if you know the basics of compute graphics, it's really, really easy to set up your own custom designs with CafePress, even if you're only going to order a single item for your own amusement. (Here's an example of that in action.) It's really what the dotcom revolution should've been about (which may be why they've been around for a number of years now.)

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