Snow Days

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm that great of a spouse.

See, I was on the phone with Peterman, good friend and best video gaming buddy, and I said that I wasn't sure what my schedule was that day, 'cause Mo wanted to do something goofy and romantic like build a snowman.

(We've had a lot of snow lately. A lot of a lot of snow. And Mo has never built a proper snowman, her Florida roots showing through. And neither have I, actually, despite living in snowbound areas all my life.)

And Mo took offense at that a bit, and rightfully so. I sounded pretty dismissive of it, like it was something I was just tolerating. And the truth be told, we probably don't spend enough time doing together stuff...a lot of our relationship is based on being a steady base for each other to pursue his or her own interests. There's some big areas of overlap (Computers, the 'Net, some philosophical stuff) but also really big areas of mutual disinterest (I'm into video gaming, she has a whole Martha Stewart/Bob Vila vibe that I don't get at a low level.)

So we talked about it for a bit, and later we went and built a snowman, and it was kind of goofy and romantic. We had to resist my urge to Google up how to do it; the thing is that trick where you roll a snowball and it gets bigger and bigger just didn't seem to be happening, so we kind of made as a snow sculpture, except for the head.

So, lessons learned, besides some of the details of how to make a snowman, is that we should consider setting aside time to do stuff, schedule in a regular time if we have to.

Anyway, here are some photos.

You can see a fullsize version of that last image on my wallpaper page, the large version makes a kind of cool desktop background.

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