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Username:Jane Doe
Member Since:Fri Jun 5 12:28:56 2009
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Faded Purple (by Jane Doe) 2014 Oct 06
         you used to sparkle, what happened?
Truth (by Jane Doe) 2014 Sep 13
         I know only one ... Mine.
the truth hurts (by Jane Doe) 2014 Jun 19
         here's to us Joel
this love (by Jane Doe) 2014 May 26
life lessons (by Jane Doe) 2014 Mar 14
         a mother to her daughter
Enough (by Bob Perks) 2014 Jan 02
         when too much is not ...
Little Death (by Jane Doe) 2013 Dec 21
         Even love unreturned has its rainbow.Ē JMBarrie
Sorry cuts (by Jane Doe) 2013 Dec 07
         The definition of Late
To a Daughter Leaving Home (by Linda Pastan) 2013 Nov 30
         this was compared to a favorite poem from ...
Joel (by Jane Doe) 2013 Oct 26
         this is what happens on a long lazy weekend ... i talk nonsense, i try poetry, and miss you.
(un)Break (by Jane Doe) 2013 Sep 22
         sorry ain't glue, glue up to no good :)
august (b)ends (by Jane Doe) 2013 Aug 30
         that doesn't mean a thing!
Clarity (by Jane Doe) 2013 Aug 03
         ...our love's tragedy.
faithless (by Jane Doe) 2013 Apr 27
when Starbucks sucks ... (by Jane Doe) 2013 Apr 02
         promises made and broken
In Memoriam (by Jane Doe) 2013 Feb 07
Prayer Collector (by Renee Robinson) 2012 Nov 26
         the joy of praying for others
this (by Jane Doe) 2012 Nov 20
         ... when a writer struggles for words ...
i miss thunderstorms. (by thoughtthefever) 2012 Oct 15
         i was looking for rain, then i found this.
Definition of Terms: Coping up (by Jane Doe) 2012 Sep 26
         You never really stop loving someone. You just (try to) learn to live without them.
wiegenlaid (by Jane Doe) 2012 Jul 12
         me in major major relapse
Time does not bring relief; you all have lied (by Edna St. Vincent Millay (Thanks Chana from The Curious Jew ... for sharing)) 2012 Jun 30
         love, long for him, I still.
makin' love in the kitchen (by (morphin') Satu) 2012 Jun 03
         remembering our fantasies... we'll probably ne'er get to live to see and (do)
Forgetfulness (by Purvi a friend of someone who is "Poetically incorrect" :) ) 2012 May 05
         when you think youll never be over it, remember you once thought it would last forever :)
Someone like me (by Jane Doe) 2012 Mar 20
         ... Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
tell me about lovely (by Jane Doe) 2012 Mar 06
         ... please explain this to me like a 2 year old
never heaven (by Jane Doe) 2012 Mar 01
         love dies
Destine's Will (by Jane Doe) 2012 Feb 15 a matter of fact ...
after the storm (by Jane Doe) 2012 Feb 06
         ... and find no calm.
Staying Away (by Jane Doe) 2012 Feb 02
         ... can't dream this alone.
lovecraft (by ~Luna) 2012 Jan 21
         from West Texas Pagan Times
Armory (by Jane Doe) 2011 Oct 17
         dead even
Are you there God? (by Jane Doe) 2011 Sep 22
         (I'm not even Catholic ...)
A woman's worth (by Jane Doe) 2011 Sep 20
         The worst thing about being lied to then dumped? Knowing you weren't good enough for the truth, and even a little love.
rain on my parade (by Jane Doe) 2011 Sep 20
         oh honey ... i just love how loved me ... that was really wonderful
Our "The End" (by Jane Doe) 2011 Sep 19
         the ride with you was rough but I was really in love you, that made it wonderful ...
Honey Dumpster (by Jane Doe) 2011 Sep 07
         ... a street sweeper's futile search
I am Afraid (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jul 27
         Too much distance, the lack of communication, faith as much as love, too little.
near death (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jul 15
         here i go again
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jun 23
         uhhhhm, hon .... hey
Better Together (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jun 03
         Let's talk ,,,
Loren Ipsum (by Jane Doe) 2011 May 02
         ... hold your place
Sin of Omission (by Jane Doe) 2011 Apr 14
         We make choices and we live with the consequences. If someone gets hurt along the way, we ask for forgiveness. Itís the best anyone can do.Ē ~Pushing Daisies
Perhaps love ... (by Jane Doe) 2011 Mar 22
         that thin line between ♥ and hate
insights (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jan 28
         the hidden truth many of us refuse to accept
Use Somebody (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jan 10
         "I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see Painted faces fill the places I can't reach ..."
Better (by Jane Doe) 2011 Jan 03
         ...and best wishes, too
Three Wishes (by Christelle S.) 2011 Jan 01
         An Excerpt (the 1st 22 lines is the heartbreaker)
Dream deferred (by Langston Hughes) 2010 Dec 28
         ...doesn't mean you stop dreaming
Complicated Me (by Annie Brown) 2010 Nov 29
         ... mirroring ...
The article "A" (by Jane Doe) 2010 Nov 18
         fuck the Pen!
The 7th &10th Commandment (by Jane Doe) 2010 Nov 06
         God's will
I wish this poem were pixie dust (by Nicholas Gordon) 2010 Oct 16
         (but piXie dusts are not for real.)
The hardest thing is loving someone and then having the courage to let them love you back. (by Jane Doe) 2010 Sep 09
         not like the movies
Love, Your Jenny (by Jane Doe) 2010 Aug 31
         "She calls me baby but ..."
before sunset (by Jane Doe) 2010 Aug 24
         a taste of second chances and sweet possibilities
a tear that won't fall (by Jane Doe) 2010 Aug 04
         To Bok Wenggay
... staying gone ... (by Jane Doe) 2010 Jul 28
         ... someone's gotta go ...
physiology (by Jane Doe) 2010 Jul 03
         thoughts of you
Antonyms (by Jane Doe) 2010 Jun 20
         wrong, you are always wrong.
sandcastles (by Jane Doe) 2010 Jun 11
         jusz talking to myself
You not missing me. Me miszin' U. (by Jane Doe) 2010 May 13
         As a matter of fact ...
Some people ... (by Jane Doe) 2010 Apr 21
Last Call (by Jane Doe) 2010 Mar 26
separate lives (by Jane Doe) 2010 Mar 19
cold (by Jane Doe) 2010 Mar 10
         colder ... coldest
how to skin a cat (by Jane Doe) 2010 Mar 09
         your stalking love
tiz thing called wUv (by Jane Doe) 2010 Mar 05
         baby talk
excerpts from "wishes Best" (by Jane Doe) 2010 Feb 21
         love lost
In Between Worlds (by Jane Doe) 2010 Feb 07
         What now?
Doors (by Jane Doe) 2010 Feb 06
         What for?
Rain (by Shel Silverstein) 2009 Dec 25
         silverstein brings back memories ...
cold turkey (by Jane Doe) 2009 Dec 24
         winter ... always winter
the Truth about the Lie (by Jane Doe) 2009 Dec 20
         it doesn't exist. it never happens. let's play the game the way they all do.
_ _ _ (by Jane Doe) 2009 Dec 12
         no sweat!
REGRETS (by Jane Doe) 2009 Dec 07
         ... show me the way ...
***The Aftermath*** (by Jane Doe) 2009 Nov 12
         these are the next lines after "I am an Old Soul ahead of My time. Ö and this is My gYpsy life.
the truth about Circles (by Jane Doe) 2009 Nov 03
         Good grief ... the mangoes :(
Buses and Trains (by Jane Doe) 2009 Oct 24
         the stuff we love and hate 'bout luv
a suitcase in circle (by Jane Doe) 2009 Oct 15
         Being used to trouble, I anticipate it. But all the same I hate it, wouldn't you?
detour (by Jane Doe) 2009 Oct 12
         are you gonna stay ... or are you goin' back ... someone's gonna ...
Another suitcase in another hall (by Jane Doe) 2009 Oct 06
         ...immune to gloom this masochistic fool.
What happened to us? (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 30
Love's Faith! (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 24
         two of my faves (only the title is mine :) ... sadly I can't post in Friendster :( ... some tech glitch arrggghhh
killer nuggets and cold pancakes (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 21
         ...sometimes ... i thought ... you misz me too ... somehow.
Thank you for the flowers (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 14
         ... that was really nice of you.
benevolent ghost (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 11
         a second with you
color me happy (by Jane Doe) 2009 Sep 06
         ...those dreams that won't go away
Pillow Pond (by Lily of A Yellow Silk Book) 2009 Sep 06
         modern day kamasutra :) ...what's with me tiz long weekend ... is this another pyreXia attack or must be my Moon again
pretty wings (by maxwell) 2009 Aug 22
         ... from DJ Bei ... love lets go ...
barely breathing (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 21
         a bump to lilla's BreakEven
A Fair Bet (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 18
         ... a box of a Happy Horse ... and a river of tears.
... two loneliest people in the world ... (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 15
Baby Blues (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 14
         cheers to the laughing stallion!
the taste of blood (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 12
         ... how could you forget?
lost in your eyes (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 08
         ... so did you find the butterfly?
the CORE of the matter (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 05
         Thank you, Cory!
Our Love (by Jane Doe) 2009 Aug 02
         ... Baby ...
The Broken Window (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jul 29
Tomorrow is always late. (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jul 28
         ...another waste of everything I dreamed of.
estrange (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jul 20
         strange ... strangers
Is (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jun 30
         Back to U
The Untitled (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jun 22
         Godís most significant invention. Godís gift to humanity (even when we were too undeserving). Why then do we fear it, shamed of it, waste it? If God has spoken it Ö why couldnít we?
OK (by Hollie, Asker, and everyone else) 2009 Jun 21
         ...tattoed in my heart.
The Prayer (by Jane Doe) 2009 Jun 16
         Don't you get it.

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