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#twistedTongue (by lovelace) 2019 Jul 27
Graceful (by lovelace) 2018 Jun 14
Irma (by lovelace) 2017 Dec 23
spinning bottles (by lovelace) 2017 Nov 01
Facebooked (by It's March ---- bring it on hon!) 2017 Mar 15
Cupid's dead (by lovelace) 2017 Feb 14
         In remembrance of you on a Valentines Day
call me sober (by lovelace) 2016 Dec 27
         ... trying to get back to writing poetry ...
Jaded (by lovelace) 2016 Jun 22
         record of wrongs written on stones
Feisty (by elf) 2016 May 17
Standing on different grounds ... (by lovelace) 2016 May 15
         heading in different directions ...
triangle (by bruckheimer) 2016 Apr 25
         please, go
He didn't know (by (He didn't care)) 2016 Mar 13
eight letters (by Those three words Are said too much They're not enough) 2016 Feb 12
Brick walls (by lovelace) 2016 Feb 02
         .... they make high fortresses
Fairy Tale (by lovelace) 2016 Jan 15
         It is what it is
Invisible (by lovelace) 2016 Jan 13
old wine, new bottle (by lovelace) 2015 Dec 05
         my new religion
no diff (by lovelace) 2015 Nov 10
         This for real love???
A Writer's Obituary (by lovelace) 2015 Sep 30
         the day you will find me not
stumbled upon (by lovelace) 2015 Aug 27
         passing fancy
Math (by lovelace) 2015 Aug 04
         ... my waterloo.
sea world (by lovelace) 2015 Jun 25
         Inspired by Restless Anne ... she who writes from Canada, poetry and prose, and takes pictures sometimes, too. And me, from the Philippines, who admire her words, and follow her in tumblr. :)
At least Honesty (by lovelace) 2015 May 11
         even if aint love, leave me honesty. fine by me.
seventh of May (by lovelace) 2015 May 07
         My dear Joel, Be happy, on your birthday and always.
suicide (by lovelace) 2015 Apr 15
         Il pleuvait quand je suis mort , et je peux vous entendre rire ...
Me and You (by lovelace) 2015 Mar 31
This, too, shall pass. (by lovelace) 2015 Feb 21
         you'll see.
Pointless (by lovelace) 2015 Feb 09
         oh, i would have given us a clean good fight if only it was m.....
Overseas (by lovelace) 2015 Jan 31
         Dear Jay
II. To die for (by lovelace) 2015 Jan 23
         makes it worth it
I. To live for (by Dream for an Insomniac) 2015 Jan 23
         no to mediocre love
Jay (by lovelace) 2015 Jan 02
         Imagining you care
The Distance of Two (by lovelace) 2014 Dec 03
Geri (by lovelace) 2014 Nov 05
         ... giving myself away?
Andy (by lovelace) 2014 Nov 04
         the dollhouse burns ...

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