Dear Mr. Blue,

My girlfriend and I have been friends for five years and living 
together for over six months now and talking about marriage. I'm 
crazy about her -- she means the world to me -- and I have no serious 
misgivings. In fact, it's that lack of misgivings that worries me: 
How do I know if I'm thinking about all the implications?

Concerned About My Calm

Dear Concerned, 

What's to think about? You'll both get (1) older and probably 
(2) heavier and (3) duller and your love will be tried by (4) ugly 
little things you say and (5) sheer ennui and children who will cost 
you (6) sleep and keep you in a state of (7) paranoia and (8) self-doubt
for years and (9) meanwhile there's the ebb and flow and gradual 
diminution of the sexual urge and (10) the fact that you look at your 
spouse sometimes and feel you married a complete stranger. But heck, 
a lot of that stuff happens to single people too. And if you marry a 
true friend, then it's vastly easier. And if you're crazy about her and 
she means the world to you, then how could you not?

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