"Without a hurt, the heart is hollow" --The Fantasticks
Blender of Love Digest March 1998

Out went the Lion...

Well, the romantic whirlwind of February is past (along with the inflated number of hits that came with it) and it's time for the Blender to re-find its usual groove.

Last month was great for feedback as well. The Blender Board holds more conversation than usual, and with over 150 new submissions the Blender is on full puree-- or, ermmm, something. Why do Blenders have that many buttons anyway?

New Works
24 Hour Kiss
By Homebrew. Submitted by Scott Metter, smetter@iname.com. A song by his uncle's band- seems like it makes a better song than a poem, but still sweet.
across the evening
By Dale Alan Schultz. This is one of the too few studies of romance that's survived, not that just has the potential. A beautiful work, came here on Valentine's Day.
What it once was
By Pril pril_g@hotmail.com. The image of the dried rose on the wall really brought this one home-- good use of structure form as well.
By alison. A bitter metaphor.
After the Phone Call
By Deli, bond_girl007@hotmail.com. I think that this kind of phonecall is all too common.
By Roei Shalev <roei@matnasim.org.il>. A beautiful short work, one I couldn't disagree with more.
By d. This poem won't make as much sense to people who haven't used IRC chat on the 'Net, but points out the ambiguity logical computers point out in us.
The real after.
By Anon. The Bugs Bunny is what makes this piece work, the rest is just context.
(His Hands)
By mels <mels2@tiac.net>. A charmed example of the metaphors people carry on themselves always.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
Kirk Rambles on the Literature of Longing.
Featured Artist Review
The long-lived romantic musical The Fantasticks.
Blender Board
Feedback and Comments sent in over the past month.

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