"Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance / With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance/ 'Neath the cover of October skies"

--Van Morrison
Blender of Love Digest October 1998

October Skies
Welcome to the October Blender of Love Digest! September was a great month for the Blender, a recovery from the summer lull, and this month reaps the benefits of that annual reawakening.

So this month features a back-to-normal Ramble, a review of a brilliant graphic novel, and all the usual poetic and prose goodness the monthly Digest brings. Enjoy, and feel free to check out anything you may have missed during the summer!

--Kirk, Blender Keeper

New Works
Address to a Train - Odd Nelsonson
Submitted by evrclear13@hotmail.com. The Author gives the background as "Jack London once met a woman on a train and stayed with her in their sleeper from Chicago to Oakland"
What Happens When Fate Is Busy? - Cinderella
(Lullabye_baby@hotmail.com) The problem of the theory "The One" and a possible solution.
untitled - erin
Excellent piece on what can happen when the brain and heart are at odds after a breakup.
front line - Misti Velvet Rainwater
All not being fair in love and war; love as war.
Erase Me - Shadygirl
(ed4u@hotmail.com) A plea for losing and finding everything.
Cherry Chapstick - kate
A short bumpy piece on the nostalgia brought on my the littlest of things.
One Day At A Time - Jeanmarie
(xmrksspot@hotmail.com) A sometimes beautiful sometimes awkward piece on parlaying a friendship into romance.
Simple - heart Song
A clever short piece on finding solutions.
bloody lip - ZoE
Unkind cuts.
jeff, the truck driver - jills@wam.umd.edu
A joyous celebration of "that tantilizing boy"
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
"Categorically Romantic" - can the boxes we put past love in be a good thing?
Featured Artist Review
Jason Lutes' beautiful picture novel Jar of Fools
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

Playing With Words, a small publisher, is looking for true stories of romance to be published in a book by next Valentine's Day-- deadline is November 1st. More information on the project is available at the PWW Website

I've calmed down a lot about the Y2K issue and have even found a great article explaining some of the hysteria (I mirrored it here, if the above link doesn't work.)

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