I love you,
And would brave anything for you.
Except bees.
I'm allergic to bees.
--Green Wave
Blender of Love Digest February 1999

Cupid's Mad Bow
Another Valentine's Day rolls on in, and the Blender is there for all your romantic poetry needs. The front-page-picks this month are all stupendous, the Ramble is short & sweet, the Featured Artist Review is of a wonderful book, there's a chance to send some free funny E-Valentines right below- why are you still reading this? Dig in!
--Kirk, Blender Keeper

Adam Green, the first artist reviewed by the revamped Digest is working with E-Greetings to produce some very funny and slightly twisted Free E-Valentines - he gets around a penny for each e-postcard sent (but it's free for you) so check it out and support the arts by mailing away!

Front Page Picks
I Thought... By Opal.
Submitted by Angel [no1angel@surfsouth.com]
Angel says "...this was written by my mother when she was only 10 back in 1936." Kirk says this poem is a simply wonderful.
dead stroke By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com).
A clever metaphor wrapped around a strong declaration.
Don't Say That By Barbara Halstead.
This poem has a frantic energy, made more frantic by its ambiguity.
Go Forward By Crystevin.
A poem that sould be a song.
there she blows By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
MVR really sets the mark for realism in romantic poetry.
Ritual By z.
A prose description of a beautiful habit.
New world explorationBy z.
A playful, raunchy piece (for j, of course.) This is great.
Pavlovian By Isolde.
Isolde: "Nobel laureate Ivan Pavlov is noted for his pioneer work in the physiology of the heart and the theory of reflexive behavior." Kirk: "Been here, done this, unfortunately."
Dreams vs. Reality By erin.
I think this work has more levels than it title would imply.
A Long Ago Love By heart Song.
Another musical work, and another with a sense of history.
Heart Wings By Isolde, illustrated by Deevaa.
A bit of synergy and multimedia in the form of a poem and a painting. Be sure to check out some of deevaa's other paintings in Heart on Sleeve Corner
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A personal ramble snippet, a simple thought of sneakers.
Featured Artist Review
Living Happily Ever After, a beautiful compilation of the stories of couples who have made it last.
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

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