Heart-on-Sleeve Corner

Really, Really happy
Let my heart have wings
By deevaa (davenaa@yahoo.com). a poem inspired by a painting recently finished
Love in the Afternoon
By Tristan. For my sweet Isolde
As You Lie Sleeping
By Tristan. For my sweet Isolde
A Whisper
By Tristan. For my sweet Isolde
By Mary. this is how my boyfriend makes me feel
In her bed
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. The prose of a morning after
Full Moon
By Jewgee. after a long anticipated evening........
By Isolde. People can see it with just a glance.
A Metaphor
Passions Ascent
By Evalani J. Tuato'o. Submitted by tuatooe@elm.af.mil. Love lies dormant for him to revive.
5'7" black-haired American Lestat with goatee (my vampire)
By J.S.. I don't remember if I submitted this last month, but it's about love causing you to want to absorb another life into you, and vice versa.
Rain tapers off
By Snow. Feelings put into metaphores
By Debralee reincarnated@hotmail.com. The metaphorical comparison between two acts of nature.
(Like a Moth to A Flame)
By Jewgee@aol.com. every one has been here...........
Bubble Bath
By KatyBeth.
You are the artist
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
By Jane Harrison fox.carter@misty2.freeserve.co.uk. Ever seen "The Field Where I died"? Well it's an X Files episode about souls travelling together through eternity always meaning the same to each other - love, hate etc. I just liked the idea of it!
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Metaphoric Physics?
I Fell
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Indifference is worse than ignorance
Your Umbrella?
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Am I lucky at cards?
The Sea of Love
By Jane Harrison, fox.carter@misty2.freeserve.co.uk. Just a metaphor linking the beauty and unpredictability of love, offering a contradiction between the calm and the storm - but it's not as good as it coulld be----
Chapter and Verse
By Isolde.
It's Never Simple
Able to Lie
By Isolde. A bit of (bitter) double-entendre.
mistaken love
By Crystevin. rant
I shouldn't care
By penny. I knew right from the beginning this was not going to be easy....
By Broken<3. I think the title speaks for itself.
Would There Be Clouds?
By KatyBeth.
By Isolde. Caught up in this whirlpool.
I apologize
By Donovan (krylos53@aol.com). For Alisha
Three Times
By KatyBeth. for Juan Michael...
You Will Never Know
By KatyBeth.
By Isolde. The pattern continues.
By Isolde. Looking too closely?
Mixed Message
By Isolde. Like in a personals ad...what they say sometimes differs from the reality.
By Isolde. There are times when one should wait before posting that new "off the cuff" poem...
Heart of Darkness
By Isolde. Neither sweet nor light...
Razor's Edge
By Isolde. Trying to keep my balance...
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. confusion and co-dependance
How Many Times?
By Isolde. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice...
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. DNA vs love
By Ash. Submitted by ashcuz@hotmail.com. A love who moved overseas for Luekemia treatment, and never returned. The promise was that I would not follow, as she wanted to be remembered for the way she was, and not the frail being it turned her into. Written one month after she left.
Free flying
By deevaa. a warning.. or passion?
the mystery
By deevaa. how should it be?
Watch me!!
By deevaa. a new freedom
'I Will Survive!'
Crack in the Ice
By KatyBeth.
I'll Still Love You
By J.J. Turner. Nothing can take real love from a person's heart.
By KatyBeth.
By kate ghake@southwind.net. complicated "just friendship"
Cooling off?
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. The winter of the heart (thanks for the inspiration of this theme, Angel) is a tough place
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). ugh. a painful memory
The Scream
By Isolde. Still striving for catharsis...
By Isolde. Beginning the healing process.
After A While
By Veronica Shoffstall. Submitted by erin.
Just Plain Admiring
By Tristan. Out of all the millions.
The Flame of Love
By Dante Alighieri. Submitted by Isolde. An excerpt from "The Divine Comedy"
By me. Submitted by Libra. free verse from a secret admirer
By Tristan. So very soft.
By Sarah Ravenswood theraven@aug.com. how long ago this was... but admiration never loses its teeth...
Snow Angel
By Chip.
By KatyBeth.
Watching Fabi
By William.
shooting star
By aprile....(satans daughter).
Still Life
By Merrit Malloy. Submitted by kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. More of the poetry that has deeply affected me... I recall Kirk having said that his benchmark was reading something he WISHED he had written. That is what I am sharing today...
Willow Wood
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Submitted by KatyBeth.
A Mothers View...
By deevaa. inspired by our trip away..
A moment in time
By deevaa. why is it that beaches are just romantic alone?
I'll be seeing you...
By Angel. Submitted by Angel McNease no1angel@surfsouth.com.
By Angel. Submitted by Angel McNease no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...the truth is in the eyes!
By Loving-X olaird@sympatico.com. What I am
Her hands
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. A bit of prose
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
One Kaleidoscope Day
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...one wish
Blessed Curse
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
What you do to me
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
I'd never lie
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Sleeping Beauty
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. a bit of prose... early one morning...
How do you feel?
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. Isolde,this one is for both of us......
Why Ask This Of Me?
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. READ THIS ONE Isolde,this is for both of us...
Dandelion Wine
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. inspired by painting of same title (artist unknown)
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. I was inspired by an aria by Puccini (Sp?)
Love Taking Away Freedom
Burning Wrists
By KatyBeth, SnooprBoot@aol.com. The feelings of a person when they're aimlessly jerked around by the one they care about
By erin.
By Jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). watching a friend become trapped by his love for a girl.
My mother told me....
By Kera Ryan kerchofer16@hotmail.com. I' m lost and can't find my way out or in. (oops)
By erin. things aren't the same
Between Friendship and Romance
Knowing You
By Edwin. Submitted by engkk@hotmail.com. It is about how I felt over someone!!!!!!
Loved One
By Magick (acidrain@ncci.net). thinking, thats just it...
You Fail Me
By KatyBeth, SnooprBoot@aol.com. When someone's feelings for you aren't welcome...esp. when they're in a position of authority
I don't know why
By Amber Elizabeth. Submitted by Amber Swigart-Smith titanicfreak_16@hotmail.com. when you realize that you like a friend more than a friend but have no idea what to do about it
By KatyBeth.
Fool Was I
By KatyBeth.
Scratching the Surface
By Erik Shear erikshear@bigplanet.com. Confessing my love for a friend, and seeing if she had feelings for me.
By chan. Submitted by xxxchan@hotmail.com. chan
My Muse
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com.
Let Me
By Sarah Ravenswood theraven@aug.com. a premonition i had ... about one very dear .... that i wish, right now.... to me, was near..
By kate. things I've given, trying still to give more
Where are you
By kate. searching myself for answers
Lonely But Happy.
My Song
By Magick (acidrain@ncci.net). <grins>
By Mario Esposito. Poetic (Italian Version)
your the one
By Danny. it was always you
By Danny . Submitted by Danny ..runt123@hotmail.com. The possessive loser
By DANNY. Submitted by Danny ...runt123@hotmail.com. From Thoughts of you.
She is my dream
By Unknown (dream_leopard@yahoo.com). Tell me what you think of my divine dream
Love Found
By ted. Submitted by ted whitney. how i feel about my girlfriend
The Love
By n/a. Submitted by Tom B......tommy1221@aol.com. A poem for true love...if it exists!
Bailamos mucho
By Derek Eretz (michael@moses.datasys.net). Excerpt from a novella in the making. Criticism sought.
Candy for my heart
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com (in case you forgot). the heart loves to hear it...
Candy for my heart 2
By kevin urenda, kluless70@yahoo.com. and the heart loves to be it...
Something Wonderful
By heart Song.
i know will never be
By Danny. Submitted by DANNY..runt123@hotmail.com. will never be
By Saint Exupery. Submitted by kate. Quotes brought to mind by heart song's "Something Wonderful"
By danyelle dleh57@hotmail.com. on new love
By Libra. a poem originally about a Norwegian, from 10/16/1996, but it comes in handy from time to time
By Ri-Chelle-(roilver@wvinter.net). I wrote this to my boyfriend to show him how I feel. Then he broke up with me.
You and Me...
By Ri-Chelle-(roliver@wvinter.net). I wrote this a couple years ago when I broke up with my true love. I'm happy to say we started going back out last week. Even thought it's been years.
love letter
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). A love letter... something a little different from me...
Seduces Me
By Telysa. Submitted by Joey at Silk_dog34@hotmail.com. This is something my soon to be wife wrote to me!
By Jenna (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Just something you can't forget.
breathless again
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com.
Real Love
By Wendi.
By Daniel Magoon. Submitted by emerson@star.net. Circular nature of life
For Fabiana's Birthday
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com. for my best friend's birthday
By J,J, Turner. At unexpected times love surprises you.
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). when you can't get close enough to your love
The Way Shakespeare Did
By Shadygirl fading_shade@hotmail.com. Wow, it has been so long since I've written, be gentle!!!
Swept Away
By Mary. I love you Matt.
Your Beauty
By Dan S.. Submitted by Isolde. I have GOT to stop sorting through these old papers...
Wildflower Eyes
By Dan S.. Submitted by Isolde. I have really, really GOT to stop sorting through these old papers...
As it was
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. an experiment with a pantoum
By Jessica jessia@shensvc.com. on finding The One when you're with Another
A Happy Ending
By Jim Smith. Submitted by Rebecca Helm becklels@hotmail.com. A Fable
Sailing to You
By P Cartagena Pcartagena@hotmai.com. A love letter to a woman I knew
By Rennie Lorca. Submitted by . Long story short
"Til Death Do Us Part"
By Lori Adkins. Submitted by dolffan@webtv.net. Finally finding your one true love
Tear Drop
By me. when you have so much of yourself to give but your words suck
By me. missing the one I love
contemplating you
By me. one's never ending quest for the perfect phrase
By KatyBeth.
By KatyBeth.
By chinchbug. feeling unnoticed
I go to see you There
By Snow (snow_leopard99@hotmail.com). Only in your dreams....
Your Cat
By SweetJayn.
By Nicole Betts. Painful seperation
By jenn. a little story
Phantom Lover
By Cecelia Hunt. Submitted by Cecelia Hunt justforfun_98@hotmail.com. A Romantic Fantasy
Our Love
By Shrinking Violet. Love taking over me
I Know
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. a lonely plea
Blue water-colour dreams Illustrated
By deevaa. alone... but not really sad.
Look at what I have done for you ......
By Barbara Halstead.
Different Forms
By Barbara Halstead.
What's going on?!
By Stef, Kluv@excite.com. When you feel so confused and dont know how he feels about you
Soliloquy of Faith in Love
By Crystevin. a Soliloquy
By Known as Kate (BH). who says you have to understand ,
By Jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). conflicting emotions -
Just Words
By Isolde. In the end, do they mean anything?
Broken lines
By kate ghake@southwind.net. sometimes it's like talking to a wall
Eternal Confuse
By Kevin Kelly; snowjo16@aol.com. Im 18 and I like to write love poem's when ever I have time.
My secret
By carmen. I never meant to love him, damn it
By carmen. a complete rambling about someone with a grip on me that he does not even realize
By Shadygirl fading_shade@hotmail.com. Holding on to faith helps loosen the grip on 'love'....
She Loves
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Been there, done that.
Let Me Tell You This
By Kelly White. Submitted by Kelly White pacheco_r@hotmail.com. all i want you do is listen
By Isolde. Feeling a bit out of control...
Something Else
By Crystevin. Poem For Ariel
VI - Para Que Tu Me Oigas
By Pablo Neruda. Submitted by kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. one of my New Year's resolutions was to share poetry I have been inspired by... This is from Pablo Neruda's Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, first published in 1924 (translated here, but not by me!).
By William Bronk. Submitted by kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. This is one of my favorite poets, and he captures more than simply a few kernals of truth...
By the beach--Dedicated to Babloo
By Liboo. A beach scene, two people reflecting on love
By heart Song.
The day off?
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. to be romantic, you have to have some support...
I don't understand
By Known as KATE (BH) . i don't think you always need y
Don't !
By heart Song. Picky Bitch
The User
By heart Song. Boy, was I in a mood or what?!
One Word
By X.
into the depths.
By *naughty deevaa* . Submitted by deevaa (davenaa@yahoo.com). Something written by my slighty naughty twin sister... *winks*
By deevaa (davenaa@yahoo.com). wanting...
By X.
By Crystevin.
By Jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). gun-shy about love - comments welcome !
By carmen. Beauty is not enough
I see
By Angel. Submitted by Angel McNease no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...that spark!
Secret Dreams
By Prince Ali.
Passion Voiced
By X.
Cry Out
By Crystevin.
By Manet>goddess77@mail.utexas.edu. ...a song....with music.....without......it is a song.
almost probably
By Insomni-girl. Submitted by . a sophisticated look at a cool/decent/rad date (the day after)
Story of Life
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. a good question... Who changes whom?
Belief in giving
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. trite but true = love isn't love until it is given away... But every coin has two sides...
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. a constant in life
Good Morning, Mr. Phelps
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com.
Sitting there watching
By Snow (snow_leopard99@hotmail.com). A poem.....of a dream.....
E veryday
By Crystevin.
By Isolde. A poem of celebration
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. REAL love does not grow old, or cold, it may wax and wane, but never ends
tied up with string
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. words alone cannot keep love bound together
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. (in deference to Marla, the title)... again, the theme is that words alone are not enough
what she's got
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). the grass is always greener...
Amidst Our Kisses
By X.
My Lips
By X.
the waiting
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com).
lifted up
By jenn. not wanting to be put on a pedestal
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com.
looking in the distance
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. no one likes to see that look, the one of distance
LaFrancais Connection'
By Michelde LaMer. Submitted by Mike.L NaUtS@webtv.net.
a sample
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...defined
Sonnet - 15 Jan.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. (an inspired Friday for us, I'd say... This one was inspired after re-reading Shakespeare's Sonnet CXVI "Let me not to the marriage of true minds..."
Champagne & Cindy
By Joseph McLendon. Submitted by Joe Blow. WARNING: this will be ugly.
Cold Kiss
By ..
oh! so THAT's what it is (!!!???)
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. A shorter poem.
what time?
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Union Illustrated
By X. With a Painting by deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz).
Of Love
By heart Song.
By heart Song.
More Lessons
By heart Song.
Belief in giving
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Giving does not come from a bottomless well...
By X.
By X.
My mother told me....
By Kera Ryan kerchofer16@hotmail.com. I' m lost and can't find my way out or in.
I wish
By deevaa *deevaa@paradise.net.nz*. Something for Isolde - words of friendship
By X.
Shine for me
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Fresh and Different
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. even love that has been here a while can be at once fresh and new and old fashioned too...
Another New Year
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. what changes? Love or lovers?
My Sweet Valentine
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). inspired by an ex,when I used to travel with him and his band.
love song
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). another one about my music-man
This Valentine
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Haunted Valentine
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Blue Light
By X.
By X.
ground breaking
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Loving others is like gardening
Not too smart
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. The heart knows about loving... The mind RARELY does...
Conquer Me
By Angel . Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Take Me
By Jewgee. a pretty silly one about lust......kept me chuckling all day..this is alittle descriptive.
body language
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. a reverential bow to the wonderful and mysterious "X"
Valentine Sonnet
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com. since Feb. is around the corner
Silent Witness
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. She sleeps..........
The Same?
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. changes inside...
If You Don't
By Kelly White.
Never make a Promis you can't keep
By Kelly white. Submitted by Kelly White. keep your promise that you make
Touch of my Heart
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. some short poetry
Dreamy Haiku
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. a reverential bow to the Goddess of Haiku
Still dreaming
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. not haiku, but a continuation of previous theme
What are words?
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. I have been struggling with my relationship to words, and had written this three days ago... I am still struggling...
Sad Sonnet No. 1
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. I have been also struggling with the Shakespearean sonnet as a form of wrestling with words...
I can't believe this
By Angie. our first date and beyond
By X.
By X.
By X.
By X.
one (of five)
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. nod and *wink* to "X"......... I was inspired to write haiku today!
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. second of five
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. third of five
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. fourth of five
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. last one today (really was inspired in short period!) **must be something in the water**
email thingee thank you
By mEg. just some thoughts,in no particular order RE: an email from a 1x date
By X.
By X.
What Gentle Bud?
By X.
By X.
The Vagaries of Love and Attraction
By Unknown. Submitted by z. This one sparked an interesting debate...
By carmen. dignity lost
By Unknown (dream_leopard@yahoo.com). A little rhomp through the woods. (not the greatest, but I like it)
By X.
Exotic Bird
By X.
Within Me
By X.
Be Mine
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
To the One I love...
By cj balagtas. Submitted by coloma@rma.edu. its about love
Spring Send
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. love notices nature's love of love
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Quantum Physics meets true love
The truth
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. My romance with poetry
Nothing is written...
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. A lover's view of fate
A Friend: Haiku
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. I messed around with some Haiku, I don't know...
Everything I do
By parts from the song Everything I do, I do it for you. Submitted by Erin blueyedbabe88@hotbot.com. for my boyfriend!!=)
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. another haiku
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. haiku... The other side of it ...
Over Time
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. the heart should not be kept locked up
sewing together
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. something about a fashion theme I just find inspiring...
By X.
By X.
By X.
Red paint
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). a warning.. or passion?
Words and Relationships
By Jane Harrison, fox.carter@misty2.freeserve.co.uk. Each line has one word, summing up meeting someone, getting married and dying. VERY STRANGE
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com. like my favorite group "semisonnet"
By X.
Surrogate Caress
By X.
My Touch
By X.
By KatyBeth. Describing a dead end at a relationship...bored for now....
Nothing Comes So Easy
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
angel in despair
By aprile...(satans daughter).
i cut myself
By aprile (satans daughter).
for the only love i have ever know,,,,,,,,YOU, anthony...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fixed version
By aprile satans daughter.
Rings of Saturn
By P Cartagena. Spencerian prose about chained love freed.
The Embrace
By X.
By X.
Barest Hint
By X.
Hold on
By Crystevin (crystevin@myself.com).
Love Lost
By Merrit Malloy. Submitted by kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. All good poetry is kernals of truths, pieces of the singular truth of Love's existence... The truth for me here is that love IS a way of life, not something you simply 'fall' into and out of...
Love Rememberd
By andre boyd. Submitted by albsept12@yahoo.com.
When your Finally Gone
By Known as Kate (BH).
In my days by your side
By KatyBeth.
By heart Song.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. first submission of the new year
By pwoodard@home.com. The title speaks for itself.
My Own Self Reclaimed
By Just L. A break-up, a beginning
By heart Song. I'm using this title in Marlas absence.
By Ozmo. emotional haiku
By Ozmo. more haiku
She stole...
By Art. Submitted by deevaa. Something written by a dear friend of mine...
Daylight is dimming
By Evalani Tuato'o. Submitted by tuatooe@elm.af.mil. The setting of loves sun never to rise again
tell me
By danyelle dleh57@hotmail.com. getting over love
chalk on his blackboard
By J.S.. I wrote this on my arm Tuesday morning as a way of "compartmentalizing" my feelings so I could get through the day. I'm thinking of making it a weekly tradition. Anyway, it's about coping with loss.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Does love really end?
Without You
By Brandi O'Hearn brandio@gateway.net. loss of love poem
By Jamie Kittin79@hotmail.com. Losing your soul mate
By Kandace Krobins3@bellsouth.net. I was venting some hurt. It may not be the best I've done, but it helped me.
By Ernie Frank efrank@TOREPLYDELETETHIShotmail.com. Walking at Christams
Raisins in My cereal
By Broken<3. I was eating breakfast when I wrote this poem
Tidal Wave
By KatyBeth.
By KatyBeth.
The Cry
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. more prose... most DEFINITELY not a happy one....
Inspired By Tub (painting)
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). Inspired by Kevin Urenda's "Tub"
in your suitcase
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). after a pretty friendly break-up
By jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com). I think I was up too late last night ....!
Your Painful Departure
By P. L. Dumbo. Loosing my one true love
By Isolde. Guess I need to purchase a new dictionary...mine seems to be outdated.
By William insegnanti@yahoo.com. Isolde - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Idiot Wind
By Bob Dylan. Submitted by Isolde. Bob Dylan wrote a song based on a Shakespeare quote: "Life...is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Here are some excepts from the Dylan song. (Hopefully this will get the last of the bitterness out of my system over my recent breakup with my partner of four years).
If You Forget Me
By Pablo Neruda. Submitted by Ria. This poem really touched me in a way I can't quite find the words to describe
By elizabeth, gmcbride@mmc.mtmercy.edu. lonelyness
She Wrote
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. THE letter
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. ...and then I was alone.
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. What could have been, if I hadn't been BLIND/STUPID!!!!
All That's Left
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. broken words for broken hearts
sea shells
By danyelle. letting go of love
All I do for you
By Louie(riclouie@hotmail.com).
Suicide Poem
By Jane Harrison, fox.carter@misty2.freeserve.co.uk. This piece is ramblings from someone who lost their love. Quite angsty and not unlike "American Psycho" by Brett Easton Ellis in style errors are intentional...
What to do when love hurts
By Mary rmanj@execpc.com. Forget the pain of losing him
the storm
By Athena. everyone has felt this way...
Other Factors Interfere
By kate.
Can You see it ?
By Barbara Halstead.
Sweet Little Lies Of Love
By Known as KATE (BH). this is about loveing somesome and there sweet little lies
(i'm sorry)
By erin.
Chapter 13
By me. unraveling it all
Spilled Milk
By Jenna (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
on being a mistress
By Jenn (jennzoo@hotmail.com. pro's and con's of being the "other woman"
stolen moments
By jenn ( jennzoo@hotmail.com. the mistress thing again
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. ?
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Inspired by the metaphor, I remember that we are NOT ghosts in these machines!
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...holding back
If only I could...
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Love isn't Twiggy
By Kera Ryan kerchofer16@hotmail.com. The title says it all.
Too Rich are You
By Angel. Submitted by Angel no1angel@surfsouth.com.
Artifact: A Trilogy (The Beginning)
By Dan S.. Submitted by Isolde. The words of this original love poem were inscribed on a tiny parchment scroll using a quill pen, and were written in blood...literally.
Artifact: A Trilogy (The Middle)
By Isolde . As time went by, the situation changed, and the "eternal" love waned...
Artifact: A Trilogy (The End)
By Isolde . So time went by, the situation changed, and the "eternal" love waned...
Patron of the Arts
By Isolde . He was definitely a supporter of these arts...
Pictures and little notes
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. Prose: A soldier waxes poetic for distant love
Live for Today
Defy Not the Heart
By heart Song msmelissac@yahoo.com.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Love comes from many different rooms in the castle of the heart
If you ever wanna leave me
By Rose. Submitted by Rose kissbaby88@aol.com. A poem of a friend thinking of commiting sucicide
What's good
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. early morning moment...
By *painting deevaa*. another painting annology! Seems I have a theme on!
Life as Second Fiddle
Moroccan Roses
By strawberryjelly strawberryjelly@yahoo.com. The moment when you admit to yourself that the one you love doesn't need you.
Admiring From Afar
..i wanna bottle you!
By Angel. Submitted by Angel McNease no1angel@surfsouth.com. ...in a silly mood!
It will never be me
By Kera Ryan kerchofer16@hotmail.com. For Heath.
By Tom McKelvey. Submitted by CrewDogM2@aol. shy lover
Love's Words
By P Cartagena. Another love letter for a different lady
Love On The Net
The Big Book
By Isolde. Something a bit different.....
By Isolde. Sensing his presence...
By Isolde. Inspired by his sweet words to me....
You've Got Mail
By Tristan. A matter of timing...
By Tristan. My shining, guiding star...
In Your Heart
By Tristan. Feeling so close
By Isolde. His love is a blessing.
Your Words
By Isolde. Having discovered nuances of meaning.
By Isolde. Basking in those special moments.
By Isolde. On receiving some news...
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. Love as synchronicity
Good Bye
By KatyBeth.
By Isolde. The lure of dreams.
The Lady Of Shalott
By Alfred Lord Tennyson. Submitted by Isolde. One of my favorite poems of all time. (Caution: A very long poem...but beautiful).
Love's Tapestry
By Isolde. Of reflections and realities...... (Inspired by the Tennyson poem, "The Lady of Shalott")
Love's Tapestry Redux
By Isolde. Another alternative...
Between Two Worlds
By Isolde. The veil between the worlds can seem quite transparent...
By Isolde. Multiple new developments in a short period of time cause a system overload.
When I close my eyes
By Elizabeth. A Novice Author
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. the world may be a stage, but the theatre of love allows for no rehearsals...
By Tristan. How a touch can change everything.
Ray of Sunshine
By Isolde. His love shines so bright...
By Isolde. The ads were right...you really can reach out and touch someone.
Life Preserver
By Isolde. My hero....
Simple Math
By Isolde. Sometimes the rules don't apply.
By Isolde. When words alone are not enough.
By Isolde. Moving to a different level.
By Isolde. A personal token from my beloved, small, but so incredibly meaningful.
The Big Book: A Response
By Isolde. I wrote a piece for Tristan called "The Big Book", and he sent me a beautiful response. This poem, though written by me, was based entirely on his sweet words and images...

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