I believe that God made sex as a kind of unsolvable
Rubik's cube so that we could have something to do
while we're killing time here on Earth. --Eric Bogosian
Blender of Love Digest August 2000

Burning Summer

Record fires are sweeping throug the Western United States. National political conventions are failing to set fire to anyone but the party faithful. And so it goes.

It's been a cool summer in New England, a little warmer lately.

Someday I'll think of something better to write here than the weather report!

Anyway, good poems this month, and a really excellent piece under "Featured Artist Review". Enjoy.

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
MY HERO WITHOUT A WAR By SAM. Submitted by hermit (hermit69@anti-social.com).
An interesting take getting a historical view of long distance relationships
Aunt Anna's Kitchen By Gala.
Another work with an even more direct historical viewpoint.
George to Jewels By Ronald Bass.
Submitted by Lydia Wilson and Laurel Ahlfeld. A great scene from "My Best Friend's Wedding"
Le chéri est By Hank Christian. lovesdoormat@aol.com.
An interesting little work, in French and English
Yes I Can By Bader Al-Salim [bader700@email.com].
Not the most finely crafted piece, but it has a manic energy I like.
Quitting By Nikki.
An ex-smoker's longings.
What I want
Two by ZoE, more songs of smokers.
after we talked tonight By christopher lake.
A very real slice of life.
Through Me For A Loop By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
Inspired by a friend's typo, I'm taken by the title above all...
night to come By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
A graphic sensual poem. [Not for the prudish of heart, but good none the less]
a very small guy
Two by the guppy, both with a welcome sense of whimsy
Medusa's Song By Toklas.
A fantasia
Burgeoning A Chris W. and deevaa joint.
Two very rich and luxurious pieces finding a synergy
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Featured Artist Review
"I Am The Stupidest Man Alive" by K. Thor Jensen. A word and images piece on lost chances.
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Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

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