Unlike baboons, our butts aren't flaming red.
As a consequence, humans have a harder time hooking up.
Blender of Love Digest December 2000

The End of Y2K

Ah Y2K, we hardly knew ya'. Where the biggest disaster in the USA wasn't the high tech computing machines in the begining, but the low tech punch ballots at the ending. Who'da thunk?

(And remember, people with some time and money that they can afford to invest in their writing and a chance to see Europe-- A Hard Work, Hard Writing, Week Long Writing Work Out, run by a close close friend of my family.)

Another good month awaits you!

Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Airport at Night By Nadia (ms.nadia@mail.com).
Guess I'm just a sucker for works that refer to works of mine
Everyday Love By Stands with a Smile.
When the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
Yippie Ti Ay By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Spirited piece for her fiancé.
She says it all with her eyes By deevaa.
Our lady bound for America gets a few last words in...
play By hermit69.
Brief twist of words.
Life Rocks w/ pic By Sarah, dragonfleyes@excite.com and ty, reluctantincubuc@aol.com.
The original poem by Sarah had already been made a frontpage pick, when resubmitted with Ty's vision of it included.
Train Boy
Two by scqueen. The first is a quick clever idea. The second is a longer prose piece that really captures a certain anxiety.
Sweet The Sound By Gala.
Submitted by Galadrial60. Tasty.
antivalium By the guppy.
A wish.
Crush By Wing.
Who is Wing trying to reassure in the last line?
excerpt By Margaret Atwood.
Submitted by slug. She submitted it with a disclaimer, but I don't think the roles expressed in this brief quote have anything to do with sexism.
TenderNear By Mira.
Submitted by Mirabeau Chapin. Soothing.
Another not to By jackryhme.
The first few lines appealed to the Samuel Beckett in me.
Cherry Coke By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Neat little plea. And not just because I like Cherry Coke. Do they still make Diet Cherry Coke? Man, that stuff used to be my favorite.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
484 heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A thought provoking article from the BBC... love and infatuation and brain chemistry and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
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