"The very essence of romance is uncertainty."
             --Algernon, The Importance of Being Earnest
Blender of Love Digest September 2000

The Fall of Man

...and the fall of woman, and pretty much everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some really good works this month, and a so-so review of a very good movie.

Hope we can help you find what you're looking for...

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Love By Joćo Santos.
Strange little piece with a mysterious appeal.
deep thought By Kirk, blender-keeper.
A slighty raunchy bon mot, an attempt at a woman's POV.
reading the face By deevaa.
A nice blend of image and words, a nice sidetrip from her usual composition.
Silly Science of Love By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com.
A touch of geek humor.
Japhne Wonders What It's Like By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
This is one of the reasons I'm trying to encourage prose on the 'Blender.
Lip Gloss By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
Ambiguous piece.
I keep Dreaming you dead
Adam's Rib
Two by ZoE. She added the disclaimer that the first was written when she was 16, but I think they're both rich with detail.
Simple Moments By Katherine.
Another prose piece, beautifully gentle.
Too Late By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com.
A manic energy.
Tummy Trust By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
An essay.
Whisper By Jessie - Golden01@star.net.
This poem is all angled to its terrific closing line.
Consummation By Gala.
Another poem that ends on such a graceful note...
zen and the art of panic attacks By the guppy.
Rambling little prose work.
Over By HBO's Sex in the City.
Submitted by Kirk, Blender-Keeper. Snippet of dialog... I hope it still works without the original delivery.
Fountain of Youth By Paul B.
At 26, I think I'm more acutely aware of mortality than I should be. This work really spoke to me.
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