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His Kiss 2003 Oct 08
         Just a thought... you can tell what's on my mind!(tsk tsk!)
Cooking up My Libido 2003 Aug 06
Will it Ever Get Better? 2003 Jun 23
         Not very good, just trying to work through some things....
The Sculptor 2003 May 12
My Little BoogieMan 2003 May 08
         This is a repost, but with Mother's Day coming up, I had to give tribute to the reason I'm a Mommy.....:)
Anyway I Can Get 'Em! 2003 May 07
         A small bump from one of Rennie's titles.....
Reflections 2003 May 05
         Sorry, had to edit one small thing :)
Reflections 2003 May 05
         A little different.....
The Lady on the Wall 2003 Apr 29
         I wrote this last December on the Blender under the name "LoriMe". I was new here and very shy about my work, but I wanted this piece to go into my account. Polished it up a little, but sorry for the repost.
Quote from Cf. Nietzsche from Ecce Homo 2003 Apr 24
Before I Open My Eyes 2003 Apr 23
         A Rough Draft.
Angel With Broken Wings (by A Very young Kase.....) 2003 Apr 17
         This is where my romantic poetry started. Roots!! It's kinda scary...Something I wrote when I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL, according to the date, I swear. My Mom saved it in her hope chest and gave it to me when she found out I was going to be published. Not great at all, but keep in mind, I was 13 when I wrote this, believe it or not. Not too great, but I'm proud I wrote it so young and it was kept up with it all this time! Comments welcome, as always!! Good or Bad stuff!! Thanks for reading my submissions.
Lovers at Play 2003 Apr 15
         Maybe a little too racy? But isn't it amazing when it happens like this?
Lovers at Play 2003 Apr 15
Cry Alone 2003 Apr 10
Immortal Transgressions 2003 Apr 07
         Revised, somewhat. I still can't get exactly what I want from this. Can some body tell me what they get from this, besides a headache? ;) Thanks, and sorry for the re-post so soon.
Lies will kill 2003 Mar 26
         This is crap, but I'm trying to force myself to write. "Immortal Transgressions" (the last I submitted) was greeted by my at home critics as having "too many big words", So please bear with me! I'm trying!
Immortal Transgressions 2003 Mar 18
Untitled 2003 Mar 17
I Like (by Wendy L. Bunch) 2003 Feb 18
         A friend of mine wrote this and wants feed back. Sometimes comments from strangers can be more helpful. Please give this girl feedback, because she's my best friend and I can't. Too personal. She's 23 and wrote this in high school. I have kept the stanza exactly as she wrote them.
??? 2003 Feb 03
         Work in progress... Opinions very welcome. Writer's block sucks!
Destinations Unknown 2003 Jan 30
         I think this one's crap, but it's all that comes to mind right now.
Hunger 2003 Jan 22
Douglas 2003 Jan 01
Hard Knocks or No Knocks? 2002 Dec 31
Hell Is Living Without You (by Alice Cooper) 2002 Dec 26
         Old, but beautiful lyrics
Insanely In Love 2002 Dec 26
         They say I'm crazy, but we know the truth.....
Hate disguised as Love 2002 Dec 16
Untitled 2002 Dec 16
My Lover's Eyes 2002 Dec 16
My Lover's Eyes 2002 Dec 16
Untitled 2002 Dec 16
My Little BoogieMan 2002 Dec 16
         BoogieMan was what my Daddy called my little boy when he was born, because he was so small. Now he's almost 3 and not so little anymore, and neither is my heart.
Driftwood 2002 Dec 16
July (by ?????) 2002 Dec 13
         Some one taught me how to play this song and we never could figure out who it was by. Someone told me it wa written by "a guy in prison". Any one with any info ???
July (by ?????) 2002 Dec 13
         Some one taught me how to play this song and we never could figure out who it was by. Someone told me it wa written by "a guy in prison". Any one with any info ???
You Changed Me 2002 Dec 12
An Azure Frame 2002 Dec 04
Waiting..... 2002 Dec 03

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