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demolition (by beautifulstranger) 2009 Dec 11
all this 2007 Oct 15
         Embracing the beautiful mess of not-quite love.
october reflection 2007 Oct 09
When? 2006 Jun 23
         Sometimes it just hurts.
Afternoon Rain 2006 May 25
         Our relationship, tied together with rain and a few cherished memories.
blue-eyed secret, august through december 2006 Mar 27
Ode to Blue 2003 Dec 08
Irresistable- for Gala's 2003 Valentine Love Poem Challenge (by Emily) 2003 Jan 25
         (Like I said before, for Gala's challenge!)
heal 2003 Jan 13
forever gone (by Emily D. Thiessen) 2003 Jan 13
         somehow...just gone.

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