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The Break 2004 May 07
         Confused about where we stand.
tilL faLL sPriNGs 2002 Dec 02
         I'm satisfied in every way, don't worry.
No LiE 2002 Nov 12
         I never say what I actually mean.
StRanGEr 2002 Nov 04
         He doesn't know the half of me.
TiMe sTOpS 2002 Oct 21
         It's hard to fight life's battles alone.
ThE gAMe 2002 Sep 24
         Why does it seem different this time?
PhOnE CaLLs 2002 Sep 17
         Long distance is hard, but fun.
ShOrT, diRTy 2002 Sep 13
         Why we keep ending nights together.
SluMBEr PaRty 2002 Sep 10
         He thought it was because I didn't like him...
WeLL sAiD?? 2002 Sep 09
         I think about him differently.
wOrDs ForR YoU 2002 May 08
         You made an instant impact on me.
...aNd StiLL 2002 Apr 26
         When will I find...anyone?
Echo (by Incubus) 2002 Apr 26
         You have to hear it to feel it completely.
ThOsE dAyS 2002 Apr 19
         Carefree then, careful now.
qUieT TimE, cOrRupTed 2002 Apr 19
         Stress gives way to sadness.
En France 2002 Mar 01
Leaving Love 2002 Feb 19
sALt 2002 Jan 10
         Permanence is destructive; destruction is permanent.
In A Day 2001 Dec 26
A Truth (by Pablo Neruda) 2001 Dec 05
         Segment from the best love poem of all time.
bLacKneSS 2001 Dec 05
         I still can't believe how much it hurts.
tHiS pLAcE 2001 Nov 30
         Bitter still...
UnTiED 2001 Nov 05
         I'm finally my own...but I want to be someone else's
aLaRm 2001 Oct 25
         If only I could do that...
Here's A Short One 2001 Oct 19
         Why you and I are different.
Dear Justin 2001 Oct 18
         One of my letters written and never sent...
NoW aNd LatEr 2001 Oct 16
         If only I saw then what I cry about now...
aT NiGht 2001 Oct 12
         Sometimes I wonder if I can make him into what I want...
Everything Not You 2001 Sep 26
         I don't really think about anything else.
MoRe oN NotHinG 2001 Sep 12
         Sometimes oblivion is worse than hate.
<> 2001 Sep 12
         How can some people feel nothing?
GoInG oN 2001 May 24
         Why living with friends is perfect
YoU cAn 2001 May 18
         Some things you never forget.
<> 2001 May 18
         Some things you never forget.

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