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avoidance 2004 Nov 15
Last Word 2004 Aug 13
open a vent 2004 Jan 28
Last One to Know 2003 Sep 23
         what I wrote when all I want to say is F You!
What Swimming Pools Are To Me 2003 Sep 13
The Bottom 2003 Jul 23
cracked 2003 Jun 28
Bleeding Hearts 2003 Apr 13
A Nightmare You Came Back 2003 Mar 16
Finding My Voice 2003 Jan 04
Learn To Fly (by Foo Fighters) 2002 Dec 21
         I love this song. And if you interpret it to is a great song about love and all the crap (good and bad) that is served up with love.
Vocabulary Lesson 2002 Dec 21
Dueling 2002 Dec 17
Clothed in Silk 2002 Dec 05
         just a line I read yesterday. I really thought it was applicable to how we shelter our loved ones.
clear message 2002 Nov 18
Of Love, Libido, and STD's 2002 Oct 04
         based on a novel, not yet published
waking up 2002 Sep 16
drifter 2002 Sep 12
the girl I used to be 2002 Aug 14
         from a series of journal entries
Reoccurring Nightmare 2002 Aug 08
         does this ever happen to "normal" people?
Hey (by The Pixies ) 2002 Jul 19
         This song has always expressed to me a severing of love and intense romantic involvement. Just hearing the first six words being sung always makes my heart stop.
Sex in the Morning, After Coffee 2002 Jul 17
Ghost 2002 May 09
         a thought after an email from a loved one
Bookends (by P. Simon & A. Garfunkel) 2002 Apr 24
         I think this phrase sums up the complete loss of love. It speaks to more than just nostalgia; it lets you know that it never was that good to begin with.
You Move Me (by Cassandra Wilson ) 2002 Apr 10
         Her voice is so smoothe and mellow...the words just drip off her lips
Out for Noodles 2002 Apr 01
         inspired by a recent movie: In the Mood for Love
Wilt 2002 Mar 28
I Remain Cheerful 2002 Mar 19
things you should know 2002 Mar 17
Frozen 2002 Mar 14
Landslide (by Stevie Nicks) 2002 Mar 04
         I hesitate to post an entire song (by another author, no less) to express my thoguhts - but her voice, these lyrics, and this song speak to the heart of it all
Seeking Henry Higgins 2002 Mar 03
to dye my hair 2002 Feb 28
heart drippings 2002 Feb 13
a glass rhyme to pass time 2002 Feb 07
"The Breakup" 2002 Feb 06
         this is really a very scaled down version - unfortunately, it will never capture the true moment
Hallmark Moment 2002 Feb 06
Capturing 12:16 2002 Feb 03
I met you 2002 Feb 02
         I saw the link to the singles chat, and it reminded of a personal situation
Bic Lighter Dedication 2002 Jan 29
A Lover's Spat 2002 Jan 28
         I read a reference to integrity on this site today, this was my first thought.
Love is a Liar 2002 Jan 27
Curves Ahead 2002 Jan 27
LOVE ON THE ROCKS (by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud) 2002 Jan 24
         I saw where a Barry Manilow song was posted - I HAD to follow up with another pop staple of musical love.
1/24/02 2002 Jan 24

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