What's New on The Love Blender

There's a lot new this month. The overall goal is to make the Blender a better place to be without sacrificing any of what it offered in the past. The most important change is on the Heart on Sleeve journal; I think the old journal was getting a little too big for the casual reader. By picking ten or so of the best (not definitively the best, but the ones that struck me the most) I can make the Blender worth the quick browse every month; by reverting 'Heart on Sleeve' back from a Journal to a Corner, I still ensure that every honest romantic voice is heard. I'd like to know what you think of the change.

With the new Digest, I've added my own 'Rambles Regarding Romance' column. It should add some stylistic diversity to the Blender; I think I have somewhat unusual views about romance, and if you don't agree you don't have to read it... (Keen-eyed readers will notice the subtle cartoon in the center of the article)

I'm also going to feature a review of an artist every month. I never meant the Blender to be a giant copyright grey-zone mess, but rather as a legitimate review exposing readers to artists they might not yet have seen, and encouraging readers to purchase the full works of the artists they enjoy.

I've changed the comments section from a single monolithic page to a more manageable monthly version. This continues the Heart-on-Sleeve trend of not having single pages that grow and grow and grow unti they become huge, intimidating swamps of text.

There might be some more changes coming down the road. I may have to start accepting some minor advertising in order to defray the cost of running the website. I would do this in the least obtrusive way I could find. At some point I mean to start a 'links' page as well. The Blender has been changing lately, and I think for the better. My goal is to be worth the bookmark, and worth the click every month.

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