"I am a simple man in love with a woman who is not simple."
--billy boy
Blender of Love Digest June 2000

Hot in the Summer

May has drifted by and now where smack into the start of Summer- hope everyone is enjoying the long days.

Last month was a busy month on the Blender, as you can see by the wide selection of Front Page Picks as well as by reading over last month's Blender Board comments- we seem to have the making of a soap opera or two in here somewhere.

This month we're featuring another a ramble by a Blender regular, a response to last month's semi-anonymous piece.

Hope you enjoy this month's issue. And if you enjoy it half as much as I did putting it together, then you will have enjoyed it half as much as me. Or, err, something.

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
from "May I kiss you on the lips, Miss Sandra?" By Sandra Bernhard.
Submitted by Kirk, Blender-Keeper. These 9 words are an entire "chapter" in this book. I've never had a past relationship of mind described so succinctly
My Angel By Kari cg_kari@hotmail.com.
A chance to peek at a letter from a soon-to-be-bride. Very sweet.
Musing By Megs.
The thought of a poem of a thought of a poem...
Discussions of the Heart Muscle By smoldering.
It blinded me with science.
meet ya at midnight in a sin-soaked heaven By candyman.
Catchy title, catchy piece.
Shannon sways By Michael -- share_the_love@hotmail.com.
There's been a lot of tumult on the Blender Board involving this guy, but this is a nice work, very musical.
Love according to "Moonstruck" By John Patrick Shanley.
Submitted by HMS. A stirringly difficult view of what love really is.
A few typos, but a lot of energy.
undertow By Kiwi -IamKiwi_ILoveGeorge@Yahoo.com.
According to the author, "the beach at 4 am"
Springwater-Kiss By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
velvet night By sarah iristakeroot@aol.com.
The passion of summer.
Farewell to the Past By Nikki.
Turning away from old love.
THE ALBATROSS - Un-nested By Rennie Lorca.
Continuing her theme.
songbirds By the guppy.
I was captivated by this work's opening.
scene in america deserta By dope fiend (thefixisin@yahoo.com).
Evoking a place I've never been.
Mirror Image By HMS.
This is a sonnet- although free verse reigns here, sometimes adhering to the traditional forms can add to the strength of a work.
I Think About You By billy boy (elvishasleftthebuilding@yahoo.com).
To close, a poem put together like an old honky tonk piano. The last five lines could be a work unto themselves.
Heart on Sleeve Corner
All the remaining heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

Ramble Regarding Romance
A Guest Ramble: Wonder Woman's Secret Decoder Ring: A primer on women, for the male folk... By Galadrial, a regular here on the Blender. This article is a response to last month's guest Ramble, Everything I learned about Marriage, I learned from my Mistress.
Blender Board
Conversation and Comments sent in over the past month.

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