2002 Monsters' Ball Blender Challenge

Last month, Galadrial came to the Blender Board with a Halloween challenge: to compose a love note to a famous monster, Hollywood or otherwise. It generated some interesting entries! Gala has selected her 3 favorites below, (who I think may be getting candy corn...very appropriate, since I've always said it was pure evil plus a little sugar) along with two "People's Choice" winners. I've made up some humble little 100x100 Winner's Badges...if they're interested, the winners are free to reuse the image wherever they see fit, on their own webpages or anywhere.

Congratulations all, and thanks to Gala for coming up with such a neat idea to write on! (Not to mention doing much of the busywork and winner selection.)

Freddy Ain't a Good Steady
By Misti

I can't forgive you for tearing your way
inside my head
promising me dreams
and giving me nightmares instead
I've bled myself into an anemic mess
still you cackle as I scream
and leer as you shred my dress
it cost seventy bucks even with the discount
you wienie roasted jerk
this brand of love will
so I'm poppin' pep pills
and drinkin' vats of Coke
starin' at the light until
my eyes begin to smoke

Frank 'N Furter
By Liz / 2002 Sep 17

Frank is a monster
of a different kind
a sexual beast
a creature of the night
when he chases Janet
up the twisted stairs
I wished it was me
that he had trapped there.
Oh sure he's wearing
a garter belt and blush
but his bold sexuality
still gives me a rush.
He's crass and he's forceful,
sarcastic, and stylin'
looks great in his high heels
and ripped fishnet nylons.
So Frank come and get me,
we'll dance and we'll sing,
cause underneath I too
am a wild and untamed thing!!!!

Shelley's Creature
By Echolocation / 2002 Sep 18

Around me vivid beauty perfectly embodied
Feathered wings, jewel colors,
Living, fleeting fragility
Shouting a glad "I am" in the face of the world's blindness
I too am fragile (though unbeautiful)
I want so to reach out, touch, with one finger...
Instead my clumsy hands bruise
Frighten, overwhelm, crush
And I'm left groping in the dark again

Around me humanity in all its pulsing glory
Young and old and young at heart
Shaping and guiding each other
Shouting a fierce "I am" despite the weight of fear
I am old in wisdom (though young in years)
Oh, please let me add my joys, my doubts...
Instead blundering words
Run through my teeth like water
And I'm left alone in the dark again

Love in the Lagoon
By Ali / 2002 Sep 14

So you say you wanna swim,
Writhe together in a lake of slime--
Isn't that romantic, baby?
What's a little dirt and grime?

You can't tell me those webbed hands,
Haven't longed to hold on to mine,
I've seen you watching me from the water,
And let me tell you, the water looks just fine.

That Black Lagoon don't scare me none,
So what if I can't breathe through gills?
It presents slight horizontal issues,
But the thought of you just gives me chills.

So baby, why don't you come and get me?
I'm just sitting here ready to scream,
Watching the ripples for signs of you,
Love in my eyes, setting my spirit agleam.

Ohhhhh, King Kong
By splatipus / 2002 Sep 14

Ohhhhhh, King Kong
You.re so big and strong
My heart skipped a beat
With each thud of your feet
My world gently shook
As I looked up and up
Into your large apely face
With its enchanting grimace
You.re so cuddly and hairy
You sure ain.t no fairy
Your sweet little frown
As you slowly reached down
And I let out some sighs
When fingers encircled my thighs
You clasped me so gentle
Nearly rendering me mental
And ever so slowly did I rise
Up into moonlit star skies
You shook off drool drips
And puckering your lips
Drew me in with a hiss
And we shared our first kiss

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