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We interrupt our usual scheduled program to say... GO PATRIOTS!

They may be dirty rotten cheaters but they're MY dirty rotten cheaters. (And honestly I think there barely above par for the league in the whole dirty rotten cheating thing.)

It's kind of fun for me to chart my own romantic ups and downs with the successes and failures of this team.

BUT ANYWAY. A great month for poems last month, and a selection of the most interesting is provided here.

We proudly remain the web's first romance poetry community, and you as a reader are welcome to be a writer - there is a place for you here!

As always, read, love, enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"She reached up and kissed him on the lips. It was a small kiss. It lasted only two or three seconds, just long enough to taste the future."
--Francisco X. Stork
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Just L had a brilliant month, really good stuff.
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I wonder if this would work.
Slipingpill - Ria / peregrine falcon
To sleep perchance to-
Jay - lovelace
My Life on Repeat - Jane Rain
Good exercise in rhythm.
who I am - Farah / twisted_lie
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On flow.
Open Book - ItsDanGuy
I liked the closing couplet.
Quote - Francisco X. Stork / Just L
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