Gala's Winter Holiday Challenge

So Galadrial came to the Blender Board and presided over one of her great Holiday Contests. Unlike the theme-based Halloween Monster's Ball, the Winter Holiday contest had certain word least 5 from A, 5 from B, and as many bonus words as you wanted....
hot cider
cinnamon stars
egg nog
christmas balls
flashing lights
pine fronds
christmas songs
the smell of cookies
Snow flakes
And without further ado....(but with a tie for third...)

Brought To Life
By tj holland / 2002 Nov 28

At the close of this cold, clear Christmas Eve
Into the silent library the mother has come
To sit amid the leather bound books
And softened leather chairs of her husband's retreat
She has hung the tinsel, bright and sparkling
To belie the light that has gone from her eyes
Each of the gifts she has given her children
Is tightly tied with the reddest ribbon she had
For too many gifts have come unravelled this year
Her angels sleep on feathered dreams
Sweetly pillowed by their mother's love
And protected by the adoring eye
Of a father watching from high above
And now she rests from bringing to life
A Christmas each child will treasure
She feels the soul of her lover near
Laughing below the beckoning mistletoe
Here they embrace in time and matching steps
For sweetness has lingered in this room for years
Outside the window the snowflakes slowly twist
And join the dance to music that is played by love
No other rhythm could heal as well and yet
There are no Christmas songs that sing of this

The Christmas Cupid
By splatipus / 2002 Nov 28

Hi! I知 the Christmas Cupid
The Boss has put me on
'Office Party Patrol' this year
Oops, missed again
There goes the eggnog
Shouldn稚 have had that last Hot Cider!
Now he looks like his Christmas balls
Deserve a bit of adoration
Who shall we....?
Ah, seen her,
That bit of sweetness over there
And gawd, do we need to get her off
That Christmas Song Kare-oke!
OK, I知 going for the full Lust Thrust
Cinnamon Stars everywhere
So near and yet so far...
Oh, stuff this,
I知 off to gatecrash the Angels party
Think I値l flutter my eyelashes
At that one called Gabriel
I知 sure a little bit of embracing
Under my snow-flake blanket
Will thaw his frost.
Better take a few extra arrows just in case!

By Violet / 2002 Nov 27

My lips and hands are full of you
flashing lights and beating pulse as you draw near
tangled in tinsel and tortured by a flickering tongue
i don't need mistletoe to drive this fire home
swallowing kisses like cinnamon stars, i drink you in
pine fronds bend under the weight of snowflakes
and we melt beneath, above, and against eachother
embracing and laughing and sinning
two angels fallen like snow

Glaciers Are Disappearing
By Misti / 2002 Nov 28

glaciers are disappearing, he says
she asks why
he explains
and it's one more reason to be anxious
and at dinner he is happy
to discover that his salsa scorched tongue
is remedied with a piece of ice
from his Coke
everything is calm
the mariachi band is playing
a Cuban revolution song
Pete Seeger created the arrangement
he says
she says
Tao's grandfather?
was Dylan really like his uncle?
she is too starstruck
he is concentrating on his tacos

all over town now
there is tinsel
and ribbon
too much red and green
not nearly enough blue and turquoise
Aren't the Lights Swell??? I love the hell
out of that whale
(the neon whale that illuminates the car wash)
(she is trying too hard to be merry)
he is driving and she is striving
for starving for singing the heart out of
been the gooderest girl all year long
don't remember the bad
auld lang syne!
ten dollar claddagh
she thinks
he hates that she remembers
the price

later in the store she is a hell of
ice, out of nowhere
Christmas songs on the PA
the smell of cookies
cheating the produce section out of its purity
no mistletoe in sight
but she isn't looking for mistletoe
she's looking for a turkey breast
she's looking for pecans
she's combing the aisles for mini candy cane Oreos
she knows she is lost
but there are pies to bake, damn it
pictures to take in Santa Claus hats
smiling clear to El Paso
pass the queso
it's time for cheesy

outside the air was crisp
stars were clear
lust was hibernating
she was creating full drama
out of scant vibrations of life
there was barely a pulse
but she was screaming from the gurney

and they journeyed home
and she was pillowed in his love
and the frost was threatening
but for whatever reasons
they were embracing
against the mad mutability
of the seasons.

Congrats to the Winners and Thanks to Gala!
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